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First-Ever National Study of Dietary Interventions to Treat Crohn's Disease Receives Funding

That's great! I like when there is research into Crohn's that doesn't revolve around suppressing the immune system. Although it looks like the diets will only be 6 weeks long. I wonder if that will be long enough to achieve statistical significance in change of inflammation?
Great news! My son was recently diagnosed and we are working with a nutritional therapist to try to heal and seal his gut.
I don't think it is published yet. They started recruiting in March and it is a 12 week study. Results will take a while to compile and a bit for the paper to be written. From what I am hearing from our GI, results are promising.
ok sounds good. i just saw the origonal post was from a few years ago so i wasn't sure. glad to know someone is keeping an eye on it! thank you
oops sorry. I got that one confused with the recent one comparing all the diets. I looked on IBD partners and they haven't published any results.