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    For the ladies?

    My Daughter has been having skin rashes and hives. It seems to coincide with going on the birth control pill. The one she's on is call Alesse. Has anyone ever had an skin reactions due to being on the Pill?
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    Remicade hives and skin issues?

    I've posted before about this , but really didn't get any replies. I'll try again, as I'm looking for anyone with related experience, or some simple advice. My Daughter has been on Remicade for about 5 years now. She really hasn't had any negative side effects, and Remicade seems to be working...
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    Gastritis plus headaches?

    My daughter has been diagnosed with Gastritis. She has all the classic symptoms of that. We were very worried that it was Crohn's activity. The Doctor has done all of the regular bloodwork. The worst for her is a persistent headache. She's taking Tylenol, and has even doubled it, but it hasn't...
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    Infusion tomorrow but have swollen lymph node?

    About 10 days ago, my Daughter was put on an antibiotic for a skin infection behind hear ear. The infection has cleared, and she has finished the prescribed dosage of antibiotics. She did get a swollen lymph node along with this infection in her neck below her ear. she still has it, and we're...
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    Sad Story.

    http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/02/02/eight-year-old-ottawa-area-girl-desperately-needs-liver-transplant Sad story indeed. I've never heard of this complication from having Crohn's. Hopefully someone will come forward.
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    Does anyone know what the typical outward signs/symptoms are that might indicate whether you're developting antibodies to Remicade. I seem to be getting conflicting advice, and can't seem to get much information on the topic. I know the bloodtest is truly the only way to know for sure, but...
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    Remicade antibodies/joint pain?

    My Daughter has been on Remicade for about 2 years now. Seems to be working well with no issues. After her last infusion, she had severe joint pain in her knees, shins, and lower back. It subsided in a day or so, and she is fine now. Has anyone experienced this, and is it a concern? Is it...
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    Hives and Remicade?

    My Daughter has been on Remicade for 2 years now. A few days ago she broke out in hives, mostly over her torso. We did switch laundry detergent, and it seems like the likely suspect, but I'm worried that it could be associated with the Remicade. Her last infusion was about 6 weeks ago. I'm...
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    Lump behind earlobe?

    My Daughter has been on Remicade and Imuran for about 10 months now. She was on Imuran for about 3 yrs. previous to starting this combination. She called me tonight from Ottawa, asking me about a marble sized lump that's located directly behind her earlobe. She said it doesn't hurt really, and...
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    Remicade peak effectiveness?

    My Daughter has been thru the loading doses of Remicade, along with 2 infusions now. Today she had her first follow-up appt. with our GI, since starting Remicade. Our GI said that it feels like there still may be some inflamation in there, but not to worry, as it takes about 6 months for...
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    Iron Supplement?

    Can anyone recommend a truly non-constipating Iron supplement? My Daughter has been battling low iron, (now at 10), for years, but always ends up with serious constipation with any iron supplement we've tried. Her Crohn's has always caused constipation, not diarrheah. That could be why. Our...
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    WBC count low?

    Our GP called today and mentioned that my Daughter's WBC count was low. I didn't talk to her so I'm not sure how low. She has been on Remicade and Imuran together for about 2-3 months now. The Imuran is at 125mgs, which I have felt is quite high. We have a GI appt. coming up in September, and...
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    Finished loading doses?

    My Daughter has just finished her 3rd loading dose of Remicade. As of now, she feels somewhat better Crohn's wise, but is immensely tired. Could that be a side effect? She has always been anemic, so it could be that. Our GI had pretty much said that the Remicade will make her feel incredible...
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    New treatment/cure potential!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjvDkduWZxE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPoIg9bR9PA I've copied and pasted the links from another Crohn's forum that I've been on since my Daughter was first diagnosed. I know that there have been many novel treatments, supplements, drugs etc. that was...
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    Remicade immune system?

    I have a some similar questions that a previous poster put up regarding colds and flus. I met someone tonight that had used Remicade for Colitis. She said it had ruined her immune system, and ended up contracting C-Difficile. Did get over it, but discontinued Remicade as a result. Does anyone...