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    New to family- genetic role?

    Since being diagnosed in May, and finding this forum with my husbands help, I'm learning to cope. However, i am reaching out for prayers and support. My 17 yo daughter moved to Texas a few months ago to be with her fiancees' family, I'm so worried and stressed as she just called me and said she...
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    Hernia or no hernia, that is the question??

    I was interested in whether or not persons with IBS, Crohns and UC also have been told they have a hiatal hernia? This interests me the more i read in the forum, it appears that with all the tests we undergo for diagnosis of our disease, we find other interesting facts.:stinks: i was informed...
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    Sticky Questions for your Surgeon

    Awesome addition Susan. I've heard stories go wrong b/c the patient was under the influence of meds ,anesthesia etc...it's always a good idea to have someone with you who is thinking a little more clearly than you are at that moment and can drive you if you having a procedure, not just a...
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    Useful dietary diary

    I'm still not sure how to create a link on here but i want to let everyone know there is a cool app you can get called docs diet diary to help log your food and symptoms. This is very useful as s the GI app you can get to track pain, bm's, food, stress, notes, meds, questions for doc etc...
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    Throat swelling

    Is it normal to have difficulty swalowing, a constant sore throat and it feeling like its closing on itself? Off to ENT tomorrow and back to GI on Friday for bronchosopy. Shoukd i be scared/concerened? Not sure how i feel about this. My DO is just as frustrated with my symptoms progressing as i...
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    Adapting to new lifestyle

    I was recently diagnosed with Crohns dx. :redfce: I am new t all this. I'm lacking energy,ambition, and adaptation/acceptance. I'm so confused, moody, irratible,depressed and confused. My husband thinks i should -talk about it-. He thinks it will help me cope when I'm really trying to absorb...