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    The CCFA sure hates this site don't they?

    I'm not a big fan of the CCFA for various reasons. But today really set me over the edge. My homepage is set to google so to come to this site I am lazy and google search for [Crohns Forum] which always brings me here as it's the first result. I guess the CCFA doesn't like that because it...
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    Sensitivity versus specificity

    I am reading a study where they mention sensitivity and specificity. What is the difference? It reads like this -- The sensitivity and specificity was as follows, colonoscopy = 82%/89% Thanks much.
  3. AckMac

    Medrol (Methylprednisone) vs Prednisone

    Has anyone here taken medrol for your Crohn's Disease? If so, do you know why your doctor put you on it rather than normal prednisone? Did it help you at all?
  4. AckMac

    Can you have IBS and IBD at the same time?

    I've seen a few members on this site say that have both IBS and IBD. This is very confusing to me. How can you have both IBD and IBS at the same time? I thought that IBS was a diagnosis of exclusion and if they found IBD, then your symptoms are due to the IBD and they stop using IBS. Please...
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    Foods to eliminate for Crohn's Disease

    What are the KNOWN bad foods that anyone with Crohn's Disease should eliminate? Is there a list of these foods anywhere or has anyone's doctors mentioned any?
  6. AckMac

    Nestle Modulen for IBD

    Since my Humira has stopped working I've been looking into other therapies and read a few posts about people suggesting enteral nutrition. Researching more, it seems like a lot of people are doing well on Modulen. Has anyone here achieved remission with Modulen? Or do you feel that it has...
  7. AckMac

    Can diet and alternative therapy keep Crohn's in remission

    My gastroenterologist is of the opinion that diet plays absolutely no role in Crohn's Disease. He also thinks that alternative therapies are a bad idea. Now, he's a good western medical doctor and I respect him a great deal from that perspective, but I think that there might be more for me out...
  8. AckMac

    Ideal diet for Crohns

    My gastroenterologist tells me that diet doesn't matter when it comes to Crohn's Disease. However, I don't believe this and it is weird to me that a doctor would. I don't know much about diet though. Can anyone tell me what the ideal diet for Crohns is? I'm game to try anything, I'm so sick...
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    Humira has stopped working

    I have been on Humira for about two years with great results. I would have the occasional twinge in my lower right side and maybe diarrhea once a week, but that is an amazing improvement over where I once was. Unfortunately, in the last couple of weeks, Humira has stopped working. I'm as...