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    Had quite enough

    Hi my name is Alison I am 29 and have had crohns disease since 1999. I was put on every drug going nothing worked. I was had a tube in my stomach and that didnt work. In 2003 I went into remission with no medication. I did really well until 2010 and then I got iritis. My crohns decided to flare...
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    High Liver Function

    Hi I went to GI on Thursday. I was told that my liver function had gone up again. It went up to over 400 when i first started 6mp after one week. They stopped the 6mp. After two weeks it went down to 75. It is now gone really high again. I was told that I could start Humira when my liver...
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    6mp sending liver function test high

    Hi just wondered if anyone has been on 6mp and it sent their liver function test over 400 just after one week on this medication. I had another test on 9 January which was 75. I was told this is still high I am awaiting going on humira but cant until liver function has gone back to normal. Does...