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    Small Fiber Neuropathy

    Curious to know who else has a diagnosis of SFN? A biopsy just came back positive for it. Since MRI’s and bloodwork came back okay, I now have to have a spinal tap to test my spinal fluid for causes. I was told that since SFN is autoimmune, the reason I could have it, is Crohn’s Disease. I did...
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    What meds have failed before you starred stelara?

    I just had my infusion of Stelara on Saturday! I was on Cimzia for 4.5 years before this, Remicade before that, and started with 6mp and Pentasa when I was first diagnosed.
  3. Alley2231

    Possibly Switching to Cimzia

    Hello All!! I have some questions about Cimzia! I am currently on Remicade and while it is working wonderfully for my GI issues, I have been having some other side effects that have been bothering my quality of life. Since being on Remicade I've had severe joint pain as well as...
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    Tapering and Acne

    Hi all!!! I've been on Prednisone since February. I've been tapering and I'm down to 5mg right now and should hopefully be off of it for good in a week!! :) I have noticed acne the entire time I've been on Prednisone, but with this last taper it's gotten worse. Is this normal? I currently...
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    Tapering issues.....or not?

    Hiya! So a week after being able to FINALLY taper down on Prednisone (10mg) again, I'm noticing some issues. My last taper down to 15 mg I noticed a lot of mucus and my doctor wanted me to wait to continue the taper. I was on 15 mg for over a month. The mucus eventually went away, so he was...
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    Hyper Thyroid and Crohn's Disease?

    Hello All! So I had a follow up appointment with my GI doctor yesterday. I'm pretty excited to be continuing my taper of the dreaded Prednisone :D (down to 10mg now) and I also had brought up a few concerns with him as well. One of those concerns was hair loss. I wasn't sure if it was...
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    Prednisone and Sun Exposure

    The beautiful weather is here and I'm one who enjoys sitting outside on a sunny day with a good book! :) At first I was concerned about Remicade and the sun, but I'm thinking my issue could be Prednisone......last weekend I lathered myself up in 50 SPF and reapplied every hour to hour and a half...
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    Remicade and Sun Exposure

    With the beautiful weather here and summer :ycool: "unofficially" starting this weekend I had a question about Remicade and being in the sun! Are there any side effects or issues to being in the sun with Remicade? I'm a fan of sitting out in the sun with a good book during the summer...while I...
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    Hello all!:) So I need some feedback on something. I've been noticing mucus in my stool when I've been going, for about the last week. There has been a time or two, where I have the urgency to go and all that comes out is a little bit of mucus. I am someone who keeps a log in the bathroom...
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    Clothing Suggestions....

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's in January, had 2 hospital stays, have been on Prednisone since February (currently tapering) and I'm hoping to go back to work in 2 weeks. With being on Prednisone, as well as the lovely bloat we get with this disease, I've gained so much weight that very...
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    Weird Side Effect - Tooth Sensitivity?

    Hey everyone!:) So since I've started Remicade a month ago I've noticed that my teeth have been very sensitive to air and cold drinks/foods. This is not something I've ever had an issue with in the past and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this odd side effect?
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    I just keep getting FATTER

    Hello all!! I was diagnosed with Crohn's in January, put on Prednisone in February, had a really bad first flare, which landed me in the hospital twice, 3 weeks apart from each other. My first hospital visit resulted in losing 20lbs, but since my second hospital stay I've been gaining...
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    My Crohn's Story

    Hello! :sign0144: I actually heard about this site from a fellow Crohnie at my most recent Remicade transfusion and I'm finally getting to check it out! So my story - I was just diagnosed in January, after a few months of diarrhea and then getting really freaked out when I noticed...