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    Remicade + Imuran

    Is anyone on both Remicade and Imuran? I have been on Remicade since January, my doc wasn't happy with the progress, so he put me on Imuran as well (cipro as well). I haven't been on Imuran before. Curious what other's experiences are being on both drugs.
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    Never been so insulted in my whole life

    I appologize in advance for the rant, which may come across as me being a whiner, but need to get this off my chest, don't have anyone around that I can talk to. So today I got my annual evaluation at work. I was sick for 70% of the last reporting period, so I fully expected it to be lower...
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    My last infusion was 2 weeks ago. On Saturday I started breaking out in hives, by today I was itchy all over and my neck and face turned red at one point but I had just taken Benadryl so it went away fairly quickly. The pharmacist said something like this could happen a week or two after the...
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    How to get your spouse to take things seriously?!

    I don't want to sound like a nag to my husband, and I could possibly be overreacting, however, I really need him to start taking things seriously. I've been on Remicade since January, I've been doing really well with avoiding contact with people who are sick (had a few people at work who had...
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    I have been on Entocort since early January, and about to get my third loading dose of Remicade. Tapering off the Entocort, and down to 6mg/day. I noticed over the past few tags that I have some broken blood vessels in my legs. I just started running again, but this isn't normal for me. Today I...
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    What's on your workout playlist?

    I like to keep my playlist fresh, always looking for new ideas. Feel free to share what you're currently listening to. I'm am currently obsessed with Bruno Mars. Also the Super Bowl has rejuvenated my love of Destiny's child (please feel free to make fun :P )
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    Cold like symptoms on Remicade?

    Does anyone else get cold like symptoms? I have had a sore throat for two weeks, the pharmacist said this may happen. It's not getting any worse, but it's seriously annoying.
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    I ran today!

    First time in a long time! Hallelujah! I'm slower than cold molasses going up a hill and the -20 temperature bugged my bum hip, but one step at a time. Remicade is bringing the old Alli back :-) just wanted to share because clearly I am excited! :D
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    Career update

    So I had my medical review today, and instead of recommending at a permanent category at this point, I received another temporary category (you can have 2 six month categories before it has to go to a permanent category). In a way it's good because it buys me a guaranteed additional 6 months...
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    Tapering off Entocort

    I saw my GI today, I just started Remicade so he said I could taper off Entocort which I have been on for almost 6 weeks. He told me to cut to 6mg for a month and then 3mg for a month, is this a normal taper? I thought it would be faster :-( On the plus side, because we had a snowstorm today...
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    MRI tomorrow, what to expect?

    I'm having an MRI tomorrow, I haven't had one before and not sure what to expect. The imaging dept wasn't clear on the instructions, they told me no food 6 hrs before, but they never said anything about fluids, I'm assuming fluids are okay? Also, do they make you drink a solution or do they...
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    Headache after Remicade?

    Had my first Remicade infusion on Thursday. I've had a weird headache since then, wondering if it's from the infusion or just a coincidence?
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    Pain with walking

    My perianal disease is pretty nasty. Probably TMI, but it always hurts when I walk more than a few km, worse if it's hot outside. Anyone else experience this? Funny thing is, it doesn't hurt from running.
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    Back on prednisone, yay me

    So even though I vowed not to go to sick parade, I did. I needed to see somebody, But I had two briefings to give and a meeting today, so I figured sick parade was my best bet. There was no guarantee that I would have seen a GI doc if I went to the hospital and I could have been there all day...
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    To go to the clinic or not?

    Need some help. Had similar pain to this in Oct, doc put me on pred, it got better. Came off pred a few weeks ago, pain has been steadily coming back. The pain is located just above and to the left of my belly button, it comes in sharp stabbing pain, but is also extemely painful to touch. My...