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    Has anyone had diverticulitis and crohn's at the same time? I have had this pain on my lower left abdominal/back area that first started off as just this feeling of a pocket being there. Later on it progressed to a pain that comes and goes. Now it feels a bit tender there. This has been...
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    CT Scan Alternatives?

    Hello There! So, I had a colonoscopy back in September which came back with mild inflammation on the right side (which was odd because my pain was mostly on the left side) with the markers of Crohns. I have since moved to another state and saw another Gastroenterologist in Austin to check a...
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    Recently diagnosed back in September

    Hello All! I’ve been thinking about joining the forum for awhile and finally took the plunge! I was diagnosed with Crohns back in September after going about a year with very unusual symptoms that had me worried for the worst. My general symptoms were urinary, a bubble type feeling in my...