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    Coombs Test anyone had one?

    Basically, been having slightly elevated bilirubin for years on and off usually only mildly elevated. Twice this year it's been way up high apparently (126 and 130 something) and so they've done all liver tests (normal) and reticulocyte count (normal). All FBCs as far as I've been told always...
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    Am I "vulnerable" to covid19?

    Hi, I and I know many other IBD patients have been endlessly worrying about whether or not we are at increased risk from conflicting and confusing advice from national agencies and official sources. The British Society for Gastroenterology have provided the below advice...
  3. AlvinElias

    Can my supervisor do this ?

    If you are UK based Google the following: Reasonable Adjustments Employment Tribunal Alternatively look at the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation website re employment issues and advice. ACAS are also a good source of information as are some of the union sites like Unison. Do your research...
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    Stricture, Poor Diet, Healthy Ideas?

    Cheers guys. I'll give those tips a try. Especially the chewing thoroughly as I am very lazy when it comes to that and hadn't considered that before. So annoying as when I could eat anything craved unhealthy foods, now I can basically live off rubbish I would do anything for some fresh fruit...
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    Stricture, Poor Diet, Healthy Ideas?

    Hi, I'll try to keep this brief. Had a nightmare last couple of years with Crohn's. Back at site of old surgery I had 10 years ago. On Humira (Infliximab did nothing) also Azathioprine. Gradually (taking ages) to have some effect. I have a stricture to complicate matters. I'm on a really...
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    Homemade Shake with stricture

    Hi, Long story short, severe stricture of the terminal ileum (site of earlier surgery/anastomosis). Issues eating anything healthy... came up with this idea to get in healthy fats, carbs, protein, especially calories as struggling to maintain weight. 1x scoop soy protein 1x scoop powdered...
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    Started off really well five days in awful again? Normal?

    Hi, I'm on pred and first three days finally felt like getting my life back but then day 5 feel tired, unwell, probably worse than before (like regular points over last two years). I'm on 30mg so wondering if that's not enough or par for the course with pred? Can you feel such an improvement so...