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  1. alyssa519

    Hair loss while in remission?

    Hi, I'm a 24 year old Crohn's patient---extremely lucky to have been in remission for just about a year! I had a good amount of hair loss during my last flare but kind of attributed it to the combination of steroids and just my body being unhappy. As my symptoms started getting better, my hair...
  2. alyssa519

    Post MRE- nausea

    I'm about 2 hours post getting out of the machine and I'm still having horrible nausea...worse than I ever have before. I feel like I'm going to throw up but I never do. Is this normal?? I had to drink 1.5 L of volumen which they said is barium, had IV contrast and a glucagon shot. I feel...
  3. alyssa519

    Budesonide - going crazy!

    This is my first course of budesonide (was on prednisone for my first flare). I feel like I'm going nuts. I've been on for two weeks and I'm starting to get some of the same symptoms I did on the pred, they just took longer. I think my face is getting a little puffy, I move around all night and...
  4. alyssa519

    Navigating grad school and crohns is hard

    I'm a crohn's newbie...diagnosed last July. Thankfully I'm doing pretty well on remicade + pills right now...but who knows what tomorrow will bring, right?! I'm currently in grad school in chicago, and part of my program means I have to do a few practicums for between 6 and 13 weeks. I'm already...
  5. alyssa519

    6MP and working in hospital

    Anyone take 6MP and work in a hospital, specifically with patients who have contact precautions? Any tips on keeping yourself healthy?
  6. alyssa519

    Infused today...feeling strange

    Hello all! Had an infusion of remicade this morning...was finished around 11:30am. Within the past 2 hours (8 hours post finishing remicade), I'm noticing some new symptoms. This is my 5th infusion and i've never had a problem besides fatigue/being groggy, probably due to benedryl in my premeds...
  7. alyssa519

    Anyone get Remicade while away from home?

    I'm a grad student who is heading out on clinicals in a few months. I currently get Remicade every 6 or so weeks. I'm currently living in Chicago, which is where my GI and insurance are. One of my clinicals is in Arkansas and the other is in California. The cali one is for 13 weeks, so I will...
  8. alyssa519

    Pred tapering - swollen tummy after eating

    Hello! I am currently tapering my prednisone (30mg now from 40mg originally) for the second time. The first time I tapered, I got down to 20mg before ending up in the hospital with dehydration and my crohn's flaring again. Back on the pred this time, my crohns symptoms have gone down, and I'm...