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  1. Amanda89

    Not sure what to do

    Hi everyone, just looking for advice. I came off all my meds around May this year to TTC and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant, but I have been flaring again recently. My IBD nurse put me on a 6 week course of Prednisone which isnt easing the bleeding at all. (I've now been on it for more than 2...
  2. Amanda89

    Constipation and sore legs

    Not too sure if the two are linked, but I've been constipated for around 5 days now and I've just drank some laxido to see if that helps. I've also been experiencing sore legs for the past few days, but it only seems to be sore at night. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  3. Amanda89

    Stomach gurgling

    Hi All, I haven't been on here in a long time as my Crohns has been under control, but over the past few days, it seems to be doing something. Only been having loose bms since Thursday (although not frequent enough to count it as diarrhea) but today my stomach has been making gurgling noises...
  4. Amanda89

    Ongoing cramp

    Been having a lot of issues with cramp recently, feels like trapped wind, but nothing seems to be relieving it. Every time I'm going to the toilet I'm just passing blood streaked mucus. I know mucus is a common issue with crohns, but should I be concerned this is heading for a full on flare?
  5. Amanda89

    Bad colonoscopy experience

    I had my 3rd colonoscopy on Tuesday and have had bad experiences with pain on the 1st two which was made clear in the letter by my consultant. My IBD nurses beforehand had said to me to speak up to all the nurses about this and ask for a lot of pain relief. So first of all I went in the...
  6. Amanda89

    Nausea and no appetite

    Can anyone offer advice please? I've only able to eat a bar of chocolate in the past 20 hours as I've been feeling really sick and my stomachs quite sore. I've tried going to the toilet but not feeling sick enough to actually be sick, and seem to be a bit constipated as well. I've got a...
  7. Amanda89

    Pain in lower left abdomen

    I've been getting a bit of pain now and again on my left lower abdomen now for a few days, but usually I only get paid in the lower right. I've still been able to go to the toilet (although I did get quite a bit of pain in lower right yesterday when going sorry for tmi) Is it possible this...
  8. Amanda89

    What could this pain be

    Randomly, I've developed pain in both sides of my back which is just below my ribs (although I ribs feel sore as well when I press into them) Any idea what this could be? I haven't started any new medication, although I did have an Infliximab infusion on Friday
  9. Amanda89


    Went to see my IBD nurse on Friday to have my Infliximab, and he told me I would be having my 3rd colonoscopy in July/August and then possibly an MRI to check i'm all clear. Luckily for this one, I am getting a general anesthetic, but I told him I cannot stand Klean prep again, and he's...
  10. Amanda89

    Pain in upper abdomen

    I've been having stabbing pains while eating in the upper abdomen since yesterday, i thought maybe it was my acid reflux but that usually feels like more of a burning sensation through my whole stomach. Any suggestions? I'm now finding I can't finish a meal because of the pain.
  11. Amanda89

    White raised pimples

    I've developed white raised pimples on my hands the past couple of days that seem to be spreading. Has anyone ever had this? I'm just wondering if it's a reaction to medication
  12. Amanda89

    IBD nurses

    So just out of interest how many of you have an IBD nurse and if so do you have a good relationship with them?
  13. Amanda89

    Blood test shows pancreatitis - other possibilities?

    So I had an appointment with my nurse today just for a general check up and we were looking at a letter sent from my GI last week that said my latest blood test had shown signs of Pancreatitis, but I had no symptoms which is true. I'm not very happy that my GI didn't mention this when I saw him...
  14. Amanda89

    Time for a 3rd colonoscopy

    So I had an appointment with my GI last night and found out that my latest FCP results have came back at just over 250 yet my bloods are good. I've been approved for another 3 sessions of Infliximab, but he wants to do another colonoscopy. I'm worried about the prep though as the last time I...
  15. Amanda89

    Difference between Azathioprine and 6-MP

    Hi I'm looking to find out the diffference between the two drugs. At the moment, my Crohns is great but my joints and skin are not. I have an appointment wiht my Dermatologist on Friday and GI on Monday and was going to ask them if I could switch to 6-MP to see if it made any difference.