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    Humira Effectiveness

    Has anyone noticed that maybe one of your Humira shots was not as effective as others. I have instance's where I take a shot and symptoms do not seem all that great, but after following shot I am back to my normal baseline of 85%. Could something have happened to this in transit? Maybe...
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    So I got a new PCM again this year. Being in the army my PCM's change regularly. This new PCM is recommending medical retirement, which I knew was coming at some point. She gave me my normal Hydrocodone I get when I am in pain, but also prescribed Zoloft which is new to me. After getting...
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    Allergies and Crohns

    Anyone have issues with seasonal allergies and crohns. Last fall I had some issues and went to my primary and she said I had allergies, she gave me inhaler and all this medicine. I never took it guessing after all these years on earth why would I have allergies now. Well pollen has been...
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    Excerise the answer?

    I am new to posting here, been reading for year or so now. The dr.'s finally figured out in 2009 I had crohn's with fistulas. They suspect looking at past medical records that I actually had crohn's since at least 2004 (ER visits/ dr. visits). What I can't figure out is why during...