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    Humira mental side effects

    Thank you for your input I will talk to my doctor
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    Psychological Side Effects of Humira

    Hi, is she doing better? I am suffering the same and been off Humira for 4 months still no improvement! Please share anything that helped her because I don’t know what to do.
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    Humira mental side effects

    Please I am suffering from all these Humira mental side effects. Anxiety, panic attacks, scary thoughts, feeling out of control. Anyone suffered from this?How did it get better? Did you take anything? Please I stopped 4 months ago and they are still going on please help let me know how things...
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    Humira side effects on the mind

    Hello, Has anyone suffered mental changes after being on Humira? Fear, panic attacks, feeling out of control? If you have please share how did you get better because there are so many people who have and no one seems to share what kind of help got them better. Thank you