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    Update. Remicade down from 10mg/k to 5mg /k

    Hello All. Just an update. My Daughter's remicade infusion went down from 10mg/k to 5mg/k since two infusions ago. She did pretty good on the lower dose. Got her second 5mg 2 days ago, we expect it to work fine. The only difference that I saw; When she was at double dose her sedation rate was...
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    Ahggg. Tetanus question.

    My daughter just stepped on two nails. Nails that I am sure are full of every bad thing you can think about. We live in a place where you can find from rabbits, snakes, coyotes, rats and the whole zoo(I am thinking pee and feces) Anybody has done a tetanus shot while on Remicade? How do I have...
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    Hello. I have been away from the forum due to a family member illness, I spend most of the time across the border and get home really late. My Daughter is doing very good, still on remicade 10mg/Kilo every 8 weeks, other than a stomach virus few weeks ago, no other issues. I know it will sound...
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    Update on my Kids.

    Yesterday was my Daughter's remicade infusion, she is still at 10mg/kilo and I do not know if she will ever be back to 5mg. I do not think so since she is on the chubby side. Sed rate is at 11 (0-15) and other than a V yeast infection no problems here. :dusty::dusty:. She applied for her first...
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    Amplified musculoskeletal pain

    We are back from the Rehumatologist in Dallas. She was nice and we liked her. She does not think it's arthritis since the swelling he occasional has, goes away after minutes or less than three hours. DX is. Amplified musculoskeletal pain. Which is a Syndrome not a Disease. I read about it in...
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    Never ending story with insurances.

    Update on my kids. Daughter doing great. Last remicade was december, next one was due yesterday but had to move to next week due to insurance, this time was her secondary insurance the one requesting more information. She was supposed to have her first Rehumy appointment today after 8 months...
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    My happiness is on break.

    Not long ago I was so happy due to my daughter in remission while in remicade. She used to have state insurance but since she is getting to the age that she will not be covered anymore, her father wen to work in another city just to have a good insurance for the kids, He got blue cross blue...
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    In remission and overweight.

    My Daughter is still on remission, thanks God. Doing great at College and enjoying her life. As you may know my kids don't follow the usual symptoms and effects of Crohn's. Now my daughter is battling overweight and high cholesterol and triglycerides. It surprises me because I try to feed them...
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    Pill cam was done.

    Pill cam for my son was done 6 days ago with no problem. I am very proud of him, he got it in fast with no fuss. It was out the following day. I saw it and retrieve it because he wanted to keep it. Don't ask me how please. :stinks: We are waiting for result but I don't expect any answers...
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    Vasculitis and Crohn's?

    I was told yesterday by phone that my girl has vasculitis due to her Crohn's. Three remicade infusions ago, her fingers turned blue right after infusion was done (it was done faster then usual). She was monitored for 2 hours and it resolved by itself. Pediatrician was at the clinic and told me...
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    Update. Good news.

    Hi all. I hope you are doing good. I have not been here a lot lately. I was in the middle of graduation madness. My daughter had her colonoscopy/endoscopy about 3 weeks ago. Pictures are beautiful. Biopsies.....NEGATIVE for granulomas, villous atrophy, Increased Inflammation, Ulceration...
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    I give up...for now.

    No official DX for now. His story.. Almost two years ago he started with coccyx pain then back pain and later with other joint pain. All test for any form of arthritis are negative. Belly problems: Pain, Bloating, Right quadrant pain, constipation. SED, CRP, Calprotectin and all others normal...
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    Scopes and prednisone

    I want your opinion. If GI wants to do a Colo/endo to see how things look while in remicade treatment, Does it make sense to stop prednisone first? I would think if you are in prednisone you will not know for sure if remicade is doing it's job.
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    Anybody familiar with ANA & Crohn's

    After last remicade infusion, my daughter's finger tips turned purple. Doctor said it was vasculitis.(infusion was done faster this time) ANA test was order and came back positive 1:360 with a homogenous/speckled pattern. All the information I find is related to Lupus. My daughter never had this...
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    No prep- going to cancell colo/endo

    I am frustrated, my daughter refused to take the prep for colonoscopy tomorrow. I beg, scream and did everything possible. I tried different formulas. She feels sick, she cries for hours, she is done the same thing on prior procedures but at least she drank some, this time only half of a cup. I...