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    MRI due to possible Humira side effects

    I was off and on Humira for around 5 years until 2012. At that point I discontinued due to developing a severe rash on my head and behind my ears. My doctor switched me to Cimzia and that was when the fun began. I realized that when I was on Humira I had been experiencing progressively worse...
  2. archaeopteryx

    6-MP, does the hair loss ever stop?

    Well, the subject sort of says it all. I've been on 50mg of 6-MP daily since June to try to get my never-ending flare under control. And I'm losing hair like it's going out of style. My hair was already thin from a combination of malnutrition and anemia, and now it's getting even worse. I...
  3. archaeopteryx

    Colonoscopy medication

    I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday to assess the colonic involvement of my Crohn's. I have had two CT scans this year which both showed some stricturing. I was told I could go under all the way (with Propofol) and wait for a while to get the test scheduled, or I could have a lighter...
  4. archaeopteryx

    Burning skin after hospital visit (neuropathy?)

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but I wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on what I'm going through since I got out of the hospital a week ago. I went in through the ER on June 5 for what I thought was a possible obstruction - severe cramping pain, nausea, unable to eat or drink anything. I...