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    Just having a wee Jubilee moan

    Just having a mini moan as it's the jubilee w'end and I'm finally off work for a few days and after a night out my stomachs killing me for some reason. I know this is what we all have to put up with but just thought I'd moan about it anyway. On a brighter note hope everyone has an event free...
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    Pain in remission

    pain in remission Anyone in remission have a sharp pain under their belly button / abdomen when pressed or are you completely painfree?? not sure if i'm just tender cos thats normal or if somethings up. My insides feel 'tight' recently but I feel well otherwise.
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    Gall stone??

    gall stone?? ok so I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain in my upper abdomen through to my back, it was unremitting accompanied by nausea and lasted for a couple of hours. It was very slightly eased by leaning forward but not much. I had had a couple of glasses of wine and...
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    Strange observation

    Not really a question but more of a strange observation, when I put my hands on my lower tummy the right side is normal temperature but the left side is cold and always is. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this. I don't ever remember that side being hot when it was inflamed either.
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    Anyone who's had a resection

    Quick question for anyone who's had a resection. I'm a year post ileo-cecal resection and in remission. Do many of you suffer strong cramps that can send you into a cold sweat and if so what causes it or what helps. I get it now and again after eating and just wanted to know if this is just to...
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    Recommendation please

    recommendation please forgive me if this has already been asked but didn't have time to look through the threads... Is there any recommendations for a good tonic or supplement to boast the immune system? my vit B12 levels are good and I take a multi-vitamin and probiotic daily but every time...
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    If only we were dogs

    if only we were dogs oh to be treated like a dog... sore tummy, immediate consultation, lots of investigations, an overnight hospital stay, lots of tablets and one well dog after 24 hours... why can't humans be treated the same as dogs (oh and a large bill!!).
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    Raised inflammatory markers

    raised inflammatory markers Just got blood test results and CRP = 130 and ESR = 105 and WCC = 15, I do have a chest infection at the mo and dull right sided pain but nothing out of the ordinary. I got my bloods repeated today so should get the results tonight. Do you think it's possible that...
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    Bugs not related to crohns!

    bugs not related to crohns! Anyone else pick up every bug going? I used to be quite healthy rarely felt unwell and then since I was diagnosed last year and had surgery (I'm in remission by the way) I seem to pick up everything. I've had a chest infection for 6 weeks now and I'm seriously...
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    lucky I feel lucky compared to some of the people on this forum. I was only diagnosed last year after a short course of symptoms and I'm in my 30's. I all started with a bout of gastritis a year and a half ago that wouldn't shift and very quickily I became ill, I lost weight, was freezing...
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    Ulcerations at surgery site

    ulcerations at surgery site Hi Guys, just had a post surgery colonoscopy and gastroscope today which has shown duodenitis and ulcer formation at surgry site. No strictures or anything else showed and the colon remains unaffected. Any advice from anyone else who has had similar results would...
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    Fleet Prep

    Anyone had 'fleet prep' before, it's different to what i've taken before and it's on the menu for tomo, it seems like a lot less quantity than ususal so just want to check i'm taking it right and please tell me it doesn't taste as bad as the klean prep!!:p
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    Mini flares

    mini flares Excuss my naivety with this question but I was only diagnosed with CD last year and don't have a long history of the disease to compare whats normal or not!! Is it possible to have mini flares lasting a day or two which then settle on there own accord without drugs or is it just the...
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    Cold turkey

    cold turkey Has anyone suffered cold turkey symptoms coming off the pred?? I've just reduced to 5mg every other day and had the worst night last night with restless legs, nightmares, night sweats and generally feeling rotten and i'm not sure if it is related to the steroids. I've been on them...
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    Surgery update

    Hi all well I survived surgery on Monday, all went according to plan, they removed 1 foot via keyhole and one slightly larger incision through my belly button. Any advice as to whether the belly button ever resembles normality would be good please? Also they've stopped my pentasa already and...