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    Just interested,not trying to start anything but why dont more people try LDN?Is it because its not FDA approved? I have not felt this good for at least 6 years.LDN has my health back along with a good diet .
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    Remicade or nothing ?

    I was at the Dr.yesterday,so far he started me on steroids for about 2 months,nextI have been on apriso for about 3 months and I am feeling better about half of the time. Anyway the dr. said that I need to be on Remicade.I asked him if there was anything else,like in pill form that I could try...
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    Pain in the lower tummy

    can anyone please tell me why my intestines feel like they are hard and when I bend down to pick up something it feels like there is not enough room in my body for them.I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with crohns but they have been this way for about 2 years.About the same time I had h...
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    New old guys short story

    hello every one. You will have to parden my inexperiance with computers and talking on this forum. I was diagnosed with crohns about 2 months ago.I also have barretts. I first had to quit working about 5 years ago with a bad back.I worked in quarrys for 35 years, the heavy equipment and heavy...
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    New old guy

    hello, please bear with me, as i am new with computers. i was diagnosed with crohns about a month ago. i think that i have had it for several years,but was to stubbern to go to the dr. i have had back problems for years,so between the two it realy sucks.i dont know how you can live with pain, it...