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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    For JBug, a special candle for a special woman. Your joy, sense of fun and ethic of care will be missed.
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    Aura aka Kirsty's updates

    Hi there I decided to start another bloggy based thread to capture the highs and lows of being a poly pharmacy that currently includes Humira and Aza for crohns. As I sit here typing I have a cathater bag after my trip to the ER on Thursday night. I have a UTI and I stopped peeing, I also seem...
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    Lymphocytosis and humira

    Hi there, my latest lymphocytes are 4.9 = lymphocytosis. Is this common on humira? Or is it my crohn's still playing up? Any ideas appreciated. :sign0085:
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    Aza, Humira, and Pred taper

    Last week I saw my new GI, and I see him again next Thurs. As a result of last week he agreed not to second guess the Humira treatment. Wants to get me through this current crisis and the look at my overall wellbeing and bowel wellbeing. If he starts to question the Crohns DX he will get the...
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    Humira bad abdominal pain

    Hi, Have just given myself my second dose - 2 x jabs Humira. I gave it about 4 hrs ago now. Now I have the badest stomach cramps and abdo pain. Is this the drug working? Is this normal? I have takwn two tramadol for the pain as its a real bugger. Maybe the :poo: are coming soon. I...
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    Prednisone and CT Scan

    Hi, I am about to have a CT scan this morning at 8.30 I am currently not allowed to eat anything until then. I know that I am not supposed to take my Metformin (for diabetes); but I forgot to check the prednisone. I take 8 tabs with my breakfast. So do I take 8 tabs at normal time with no...
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    Aza here we go...

    I've just stopped methotrexate after nearly two years. Presently having increased abdo pain in four places. All my bloods have been done and I had my first dose of aza today. Half a pill for 3 days, then 1 pill for 3 days, then 1.5 tabs for 3 days and then 2 tabs each day. Each pill is 50mg...
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    Strange reaction to jab

    Hi guys I just have taken my mthx injection about an hour ago and my neck and face have gone bright red. I am hot - I have not taken my temperature yet but I look like a beetroot!:ymad: But I have a smile not the grumpy face. I have a bit of pain in my gut but nothing to write home about...
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    Methotrexate and severe infection HELP

    Hey all I need help. I am now in the UK, well Wales to be exact. I had to do my mthx jab in transit at Singapore. I also caught an infection from the first flight. I have had two trips to a hospital here all ready and have a severe infection (nose; tonsils; larynx; and chest). I am taking...
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    I can't handle another one

    I am scared at the moment. Recently I have had a lot of new symptoms - I had a 6 day headache over Easter with visual disturbance and photophobia; For the last two days I have had a numb arm - feels dead like one of my mates has punched me in the side of the arm. The other night I got a sharp...
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    Crohnies in christhurch are you ok?

    Kia ora! I can't believe you got hit with another earthquake at lunch time today. :hug: Just a big hug and lots of love to members from Christchurch, NZ. I hope you are all ok and safe and sound. Let us know if there is anything we can do. :ghug: So far 65 people have died and approx 200...
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    Acute &*^% pain

    I got sent home from work yesterday. My sharp pains have come back in three places lower left side under the ribs; tummy button area, and right side. My pain also shoots up my left side to my neck. I am also getting pains in my back, kidneys area. My workmates offered to drive me home which...
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    Everyone's busy except me

    everyone's busy except me Hi I'm venting - I just get frustrated cos I do not like resting all the time. I like to be busy and sitting still is so hard. But then I don't feel like reading, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, or working. My mates are all out, hubby is away for work. I had my...
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    Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Crohn's

    It's funny they abbreviate it to LERD :yrolleyes:. My GI think that my chrons has caused and triggered LERD. I have the following symptoms: sensation of drainage down the back of the throat or excessive mucus; feeling of something caught in the throat (sometimes a tickling or burning...
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    Driving struggling to stay alert

    I drive a lot. 1.5 hrs about 120 km to and from work three times a week. I love driving and the drive is an easy drive. For the last two weeks I am seriously struggling to stay focussed on driving. I get really sleepy. It feels like the vibrations of the car trigger something in my head and...