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    Remicade and going off to college

    Hey everybody, I think it is time for me to give an update. I ultimately chose to attend Iowa State, and I accepted my offer late, back at the beginning of June. So, at the time, I was worried that I would end up with one of my non-preferred housing options. And I was in for quite a surprise. I...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    I thought I might as well provide an update. I worked out a plan where I am going to accept Iowa State, but if they continue to do online learning, but the school in Chicago has in-person learning, then I would probably switch to the school in Chicago. Or if they both have online learning, then...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    crohnsinct, I really appreciate the feedback! Growing up and living in the Chicago suburbs for 18 years has been really nice and I do like the area, but I am ready for a change in scenery. I have reached out to someone at Iowa State regarding my condition and they have said that they are willing...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    I didn't think about a place to get my blood work done. At Iowa State, since it is in a small town/rural setting there might be a limited number of options from hospitals to infusion centers to GI doctors available. I have reached out to Iowa State and say that they can help me set up a proper...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    I have about 3 weeks to make a decision. Even though they are extending decision deadlines into the summer due to the current pandemic, my high school guidance counselor is requiring us to make a decision before we graduate which frustrates me a bit since graduation as of right now is May 16...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    My parents and I definitely agree that we will have to set up infusions done close to the university no matter which school I choose. As for my condition, I have been in remission for about one and a half years now, so things have been fairly stable. I'm not worried about any flare-ups in the...
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    Remicade and going off to college

    Hey everybody, I hope all you guys are well in these uncertain times. I am currently a high school senior and I am about ready to make my final decision on where i will be going to college this fall. A big concern between my parents and me is getting access to treatment. The school that I am...
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    Strange Remicade Experience

    Hey, I hope everyone has been well. It's been a while since I've last posted or checked on the site. Anyway, I am still on Remicade and I am still doing very well on it. Back in October, I finally turned 18, which meant I had to switch to the adult center instead of going to pediatrics. So, I...
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    Allergies better or worse on Remicade/ Infliximab?

    Before I started Remicade for my Crohn's, I always seemed to find that my allergies would be awful in the spring and in the fall, but once I started Remicade, my seasonal allergies were almost completely gone. The medication does supress your immune system, so it would make sense if your...
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    Combo therapy? (infliximab and azathioprine)

    I am on Remicade, and I was doing Remicade and 6mp at the same time for a while. The Remicade does most of the heavy lifting while the Imuran or 6mp or any other immunosuppressant helps lower the chances of anti-bodies being formed to the Remicade. After about 6 months of doing the combo, my...
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    Night sweats

    Fever is a possible sign of a flare due to elevated levels of inflammation, but I never experienced night sweats. The only time I had night sweats was when I was on prednisone.
  12. awoenker12

    Need Advice

    I think you need to talk to your doctor about your maintenance medication because it sounds like the mesalamine isn't cutting it. Your next options would be immunomodulators or biologics which are very effective drugs.
  13. awoenker12

    Remicade starting to wear off?

    As Jo-mom said it is probably a good idea to get your remicade levels checked. If by some chance your medication levels are adequate, adding an immunosuppressant such as 6-mp or methotrexate have shown to enhance the response to a biologic and it also helps prevent your body from forming...
  14. awoenker12

    Remicade dosage

    I still have one more week to go, but so far so good. Everything has been consistent and I have had no problems since switching to every 7 weeks.
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    Ingredients in Biologics

    I think it depends on how the body responds to the medication. Some may be more reactive to the ingredients in the medication than others. I doubt the Entyvio is increasing your inflammation, but have you gotten your blood work done lately to see?