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  1. BiancaM

    Humira and morning sickness

    So I'm 8 weeks pregnant! Its been a long journey to get here, and I've been in a pretty perfect remission on Humira for 6 months. But oh, the morning sickness. I have been so sick since week 6. Puking, all day/ night nausea, diarrhea intermixed with constipation (say what?!). Headaches, major...
  2. BiancaM

    Can humira make you worse before it makes you better?!

    I'm probably over-reacting, but... I had my first four loading doses of humira yesterday with no side effects other than a headache (which was probably from the anxiety of sticking myself with four needles!). However today I have more blood than usual, more gas and my BMs look kind of like...
  3. BiancaM

    Does anyone know how to find a database of OBGYN's with biologics experience?

    I'm about to start Humira...and I'm also trying to get pregnant. I'm 34yrs old and have had a few miscarriages over the years due to Crohns flares (undiagnosed at the time). Now that I've come to terms with the Humira (!), I need to find an OBGYN with experience of patients using a biologic. I...