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    Traveling with humira?

    hello everyone!! my mum and i are planning on going over to new york and canada next year for her 50th birthday.. ( soo excited!!!!). my question is has anyone travelled while there on humira?? we're flying from australia so its a long trip and by the time you go from home to the motel on the...
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    Greasy foods and Crohn's Disease

    I was naughty tonight and ate kfc. very fatty i know!! but probably 20 mins after id eating i had to go to the tiolet and had a loose BM. and not have a odd feeling tummy is the best to describe it. so i was wondering does this happen to anyone else when they eat fatty greasy foods that they...
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    Advice needed!

    advice needed! hello!! i have a few questions that i hope someone will be able to help me with. i had a blood test at the start of the week and i got the results today that my crp is down and has been the last few times. soo tonight i have had D, this is the first time in months iv had it...