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    Anyone have pelvic abscess issues after starting Humira?

    Back in May I had experienced a partial blockage. I was hospitalized for a week having my stomach pumped. It did not require surgery. However, thereafter my GI Doc informs me that a fistula has formed and he puts me on Humira. A few weeks later I develop pelvic abscesses that is deep in my...
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    Do I have a obstruction, blockage, gas, or something else?

    I have Crohn's Disease; diagnosed 2 years ago at age 28. I have not been in remission yet. I was prescribed prednisone, pentasa, and Imuran. I have weened off the prednisone again, but just as soon as I do it flares up again. Now I'm only taking pentasa and imuran. I feel really sore in the...