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    Pred driving me crazy!!!!

    Im so anxious all the time, have an annoying feeling of tense that wont go, did anyone here experience anything like that and what did you do about it?? :ymad::ymad::ymad::ymad::ymad:
  2. BloodDrama

    Smoking & Crohn's Disease

    I am a smoker. I reduce or stop smoking when pain is bad but i still cant stop. Is it possible to have remission with smoking, is there someone here that does? Does smoking about 5 cigs a day hits the crohn that much?
  3. BloodDrama

    Condition getting worse and doc wants Remicade.

    Have been to my doc yesterday, and i was told to consume only Alitraq, wich is terrible, Flagyl was added to Pred and Imuran. If that sort of healing wont help and if i dont get to ER till next monday, i will probably be put on Remicade. Now the other option is a surgery. What in your...
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    How much time does it take for food to reach the ileum?
  5. BloodDrama

    Can Prednisone make you sleepy?

    ON the third day of prednisone intake i started feeling really tired, my eyes wont stop closing and i feel terribly sleepy most of the time. Or maybe its the crohns? I think i have a partial blockage. :sign0085:
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    Due to increased pain i was recently put on Prednisone, i havent been to the toilet for 2 day now (wich is not my norm) so i suspect that the cause is a blockage. I just wanted to ask, does Prednisone help with blockage relief? Or, is it mostly done by a surgery? (I will talk to my doctor as...
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    So much people complain about Prednisone, so i have some question :)

    So many people complain about Prednisone, so i have some question :) After taking budesonide for 3 months with no improvement to my crohn's , im beginning to take prednisone, 40 mg per day + imuran. After reading some topics about prednisone on the internet i got really scared about the side...