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    Sore throat and neck pain

    Hi guys, I’ve been having a lot of sore throats and neck aching recently.. nothing terrible - it comes and goes. Anyone else have side effects like these and any suggestions on what to do about it? Blue
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    When you guys consider yourselves to be in remission, how do you feel?

    i've been feeling crap for a while now, with pain/sleepiness/ and all other symptoms like everyday for ages now. when you guys consider yourselves to be in remission, how do you feel? do you feel like nothings wrong, or is there always gonna be something going on. also, The still get bad...
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    Unsupportive friend

    so i said to one of my mates today that i was going to doctors in the afternoon, and he said wow you've got a lot of stuff wrong haven't you and i was like >.> and then he said, 'im glad im not you' =.= i dont understand how that could ever be a good thing to say , so i reacted like...
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    Azathioprine - Itching all over!

    hi ive been on Aza for like 6 months now and haven't had any problems, but for the last few days ive been itchy all over. When i itch, there isn't a rash really that appears but instead my skin hmm.. looks like.. a bit raised, so a bit swollen for like 30 mins, and then it goes again. But it...
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    just thought i'd make a thread for this, kinda interesting i guess - a famous english rugby player :P http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/9740756.stm
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    Fistula :/?

    helloo well basically, i will be going on humira very soon.. so i should check this out with you guys.. i was wondering what other people think of this and whether it is a fistula or not.. took me a while to decide whether to post or not lol but i guess you guys can help.. well basically...
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    Starting Humria

    so Humira is going to be the last option for me otherwise surgery :( Im a 17 yr old guy and also on azathioprine, pentasa, iron tablets, vitamin D+calcium, prednisolone too. And i dont think reading about it on the internet has made me feel any better.. anyone able to comfort me :(? or maybe...
  8. Blue

    Uh oh..

    My doctor said last time i saw him if azathioprine does not work we will have to try infliximab.. and i've just read the wiki entry about all the risks ascosicated with it and after reading that i'd rather not even consider infliximab.. especially the bit about young males who were on aza...
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    Bad Pain

    hey guys, For the last few months i've just been getting bad pains in my abdomen about once a day, if that. Im sure you know the pain i mean, where it hurts quite a lot for a bout 20 seconds, then goes away. For the last 2-3 days however there has always been a background pain, and these...
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    Will anything ever work?

    hey, so i've been trying different tablets for about 5 months now, and it still feels like i am just as worse as i was before. Its really frustrating.. especially when hardly anyone knows you have anything wrong with you, and those who do never say anything ever. Its like its a taboo topic...
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    MRI Scan tomorrow

    heyy, just wondering if anybody can tell me wat exactly happens, i know you just lie there buttt i've been told to get there an hour early to take some laxatives or something? and im not sure why id need to take them. help ples!
  12. Blue

    Putting on Weight

    heyy guys, So for all my life i've been pretty dam thinn and its really beginning to annoy me, as i eat a lot yet none of the food i ever eat gets put on as weight, and i can only think it is due to Crohns. I've often had to take a lot of crap from people as there always seems to be a few...
  13. Blue

    Ear/Mouth Pain?

    hey guys, im back with another question :D Recently, since about saturday, i woke up and what seems to be the back of my mouth/my ear area hurts whenever i bite down. Its not just a little pain, it does hurt quite a lot when i just move my jaw slightly, and the pain is in a really odd place...
  14. Blue

    Weird Stomach Pains - Help?!

    uh hey guys, I was diagnosed with Crohns disease about 3-4 weeks ago now, and have since been on 40mg of predinisiolone, as well was 3mg of pentasa + calcium / vitamin d3 tablets. Yesturday, i started getting weird 'shooting' sort of pains in my stomach. Its not the abdominal cramp pain i...
  15. Blue

    Lower back pain

    nowww... i don't know if this has anything to do with crohns whatsoever.. but i thought id just check... every few days ive randomly been getting weird pains in my lower back, for about a minute, where it really hurts and its kinda a weird pain, but makes you stop what your doing. this could...