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    Pred Taper Question

    Hey everyone, I am on Remicade and feel great. I am getting off Pred. My doctor told me to reduce 5mg every two weeks. I was on 40mg. Have been on Pred since mid-November. Anyways, I wanted off fast! Pred sucks! So I tapered 5 mg every 5 days and am down to 15mg and have been there for...
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    Thank God for Remicade!

    After being diagnosed 7 weeks ago while having a bad flare I recently started Remicade. I was in the hospital for 5 days about 8 weeks ago, and put on pred, asacol, imuran. After leaving I was out for 3 weeks and my flare got crazy bad. I was in the hospital for 6 days the second time...
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    Hey everyone, Sorry I post so many questions, but am new to having Crohns still. Does anyone here take vitamins and do they bother you. I was thinking of taking Glutamine, multi, fish oil, and amino acid? Does any of this bother you? I want to start working out more now that I think I...
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    B-12 Injecions?

    Hey everyone, Just getting over my first moderate to severe flare. I am on Asacol, Aza, Pred, and had my first Remicade infusion a week and a half ago. So I'm still loading. I am feeling better but my energy level sucks. I wake, go to work, and crash when I get home. I was in the hospital...
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    Just a question: Does remission really feel like you are normal? How would everyone answer this? I was diagnosed a month ago and started Remicade/Imuran/Asacol. Since this is newer for me, I remember how great I felt before I had any trouble. Good bowel movements, energy, ect. If you can get...
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    About to get Remicade

    Well I had my first flare about a month ago. Spent five days in the hospital and left on Pred and Imuran and Asacol. First week was feeling better but starting getting worse. Last three days got way worse. Crazy cramps and bleeding and now I am in the hospital again. They are running tests...
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    Is it normal to feel a little worse when you taper of pred? My doc says the Imuran doesn't start working for a couple months. I've been on it three weeks and tapering my pred and haven't felt as good as I have the first couple weeks since leaving the hospital. Is this normal? Is it a bad sign?
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    Sticky Stem Cells for Crohn's Disease and other IBD

    Where did you get the therapy?
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    Nighttime Bathroom Breaks

    Hey everyone, Just wanted some quick advice. Getting over a flare, bad one, during the day I am mostly feeling ok, most days. But at night I have to get up to go 5 times. Every couple hours. Then during the day, I'm good for 7 or 8 hour blocks. I am weening off preg and on Imuran and Asacol...
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    Need feedback.

    Anyone help with suggestions, is this normal treatment? I have a small attack five years ago, dianognosed Crohns, went through treatment(asacol and supposititories), four months later got a second opionon(Mayo) and was undiagnosed Crohns. Ok, for five years. Just IBS type stuff. Then three...
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    Any suggestions.

    Hello. I was just released from the hospital. I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I am getting better. I am on a steriod and anasol. I believe I spelled that right. I wanted some advice. I was took to cut back on fiber, no vegtables, whole wheat. Most everyone says dairy may be bad in a flare up...
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    Recently Diagnosed (In hospital)

    Hello, I have been recently diagnosed with Crohn's. I am currently in the hospital, been here for a few days. I am on steriod injections, 20mg, 3 times a day, and asacol 3 times 3times a day. I am wondering if anyone can help with questions. I am 31 and am healthy. I do not drink or smoke...