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I'm a software engineer by trade, married, three adult children & four grandkids.

Music (guitar, violin, viola); inventing; foodie; crafts; sailing; reading; research


2012: Colonoscopy passed 2 diverticulae at sigmoid, lesions at ileum. Crohn's confirmed. 125mg Azathioprine; Pentasa later dropped
Aug 2013: Ileal resection less 37cm small bowel & 13cm RH colon: anastomosis good. 4 mths flare-free on baby food
2014: Full sigmoid blockage April on. Megacolon; starvation. Aug., emergency sigmoidectomy; colostomy
2015: Eating well, back to normal weight; CRP <10. Still on 125mg Aza, would like to get off. Taking turmeric, UMF 15+ Manuka honey, cranberry tabs