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  • Hi CJ, You have had a rough time as you say, they didn't have the meds and treatment they have now. Of course, this is subjective as it is a vey individual illness and what treatment suits one person, may not suit another. I know that from ,my own experience of bad reactions to meds : Pancreatitis because of one . I am pleased to hear you are more settled as I am at the moment, and feeling better. I hope you now keep well. Kind regards.
    I have had Crohns Disease since age 20 for now past 48 yrs. 4 resections for the first 20 yrs with Crohns as it first hit me big and hard in the beginning first 20 yrs of this. Last resection was 1988 and no surgeries since, thankful and better medicine so not more removed. I now am left with 6 ft only small intestine as 48 yrs ago they didnt have the medicines they have now so removed some when flare up and in hospital over and over, removed the bad parts of intestine collasping. I have been on Humira for 3 yrs, and active Crohns returned 2 X so they took me off that and now on Stelara past 6 months, so far doing better.
    I kept working full time, good owners felt my work was more valuable then so often in and out of hospital from intestines collasping and flare ups but as years and removal went on, I became less sick, learned better diet and foods to help me feel better adn past 20 yrs of it I get by and deal with it, fewer hospital and dont always feel great, but do good, active and learned how to try and keep up what I want to to and not let it take over or ruin my day, work thru it as much as I can and happier, and active with it and do ok over all.
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    I had ulcerative colitis from age 13 to my 40s then it was crohns, had colon cancer in 2011 and they removed my large intestine and appendix. Surgeon now wants me to start thinking about ileostomy . this option freaked me out but if m y rectum has to go, I guess it has to be. Any ostomy folks?
    Merv S
    Merv S
    Never dismiss the prospect of a second opinion, if that is possible for you.
    Scar tissue and strictures from previous Crohn’s surgeries have been quite problematic for me after 20 years of UC/Crohn’s. Sometimes the rectum needs removed for Cancer but other times strictures and scar tissue and the disease itself can trap the natural lining and mucous that we all shed in the rectum. If that builds up and unleashes, it can go septic. I had this happen to me and it went straight to my liver, causing a very serious abscess. Ileostomy’s aren’t so bad. It’s an adjustment but hasn’t held me back from anything (except wearing a bikini lol). I teach spinning, mountain bike, hit the beach, etc. My prayers are with you. God Bless!
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