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    What bloodwork is needed while on biologics?

    When you are on biologics, what bloodwork tests are normally done and how often are the tests done? I'm going to see my doctor, actually his assistant, next week for a follow up and I'd like to go in prepared. I just finished my third starter dose of Cimzia this week. Now I will be on monthly...
  2. CallieS

    Anyone use Cimzia?

    I'm starting my first injection of Cimzia today! Has anyone else used this? Any tips, advice, warnings? It seems Humira and Remicade are the most common around here, so I'm not sure what to expect. I've been to the Cimzia subforum, but there isn't much current activity over there.
  3. CallieS

    My cat and I both have IBD

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's a few months ago, but suffered severe pain for two and a half years. They put me on steroids and I'm about to start Cimzia. I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me, so I'm okay for now. But, just this week, my cat started vomiting like crazy...
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    What is the longest anyone has been on biologics?

    I've been reading this forum frequently and I've noticed a pattern both with people's posts and their medication history in their signatures. It seems that even though biologics are meant for long term use, many people have to stop them. Either they have a bad reaction or the medicine stops...
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    Prednisone helped pain, but not the rumbles / gurgles / noises

    Hey everyone! I've almost been diagnosed with Crohn's. LOL. My two biggest symptoms are/were severe upper abdominal pain and extremely loud, violent rumbles/gurgles/noise. Long story short, two different doctors think I have Crohn's, but it hasn't been able to be proven with biopsies. Two CT...