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    Which option sounds right to you?

    I have been on Cimzia for almost 2 months now. I think it in combination with Entocort is slowly making a difference. Here is my problem/question: I faint within 5minutes of taking my 2nd dose and am a complete zombie for hours after(my hubby has to carry me to bed). My dr and pharmacist...
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    Need advice(job loss)

    About a month ago I was told I would be let go from my job. The same day, they told me they changed their minds but would be hiring another person. I worked 30-40 hours for 2 weeks with the new person. At that point, I was told they were "slow" and I could go to a "as needed" basis or leave...
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    After 2 weeks, my family dr wants me to stop Cimzia

    I got an infection right after my first injection and have been on antibiotic since. I took my 2nd injection on Thursday, and now have blood in my urine. I have fainted or had a seizure every day since starting. I really want to give Cimzia a chance and would like to continue it for at least...
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    Seizures with Cimzia

    I had my first injections about 10days ago. This weekend, I ended up in the hospital after having 6 seizures. I have seizures, but these were different and I have never had more than 1 a day before. The doctors are thinking it may be the Cimzia-has anyone else had experience with this? I...
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    Does anyone else have lots of other illnesses?

    I feel like I have become a collector of illnesses. Most doctors are relating it to my Crohn's. I got a phone call from my regular doctor yesterday and a scan I had showed a strong possibility of thyroid cancer. I know there is a correlation between colon polyps(I have had them at every...
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    Took my first dose of Cimzia 2 days ago

    I knew I would nauseous but I had no idea it would hit me so quickly. DH had to carry me to bed I was so dizzy. I called the GI the next day and he was great(which amazed me). He instantly sent medicine to my pharmacy and I slept when I got home from work. At least I know what to look...
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    Are there any vegans/vegetarians out there?

    I am thinking my vegetarian/vegan(I switch back and forth between the two) is not doing my any favors when it comes to my Crohn's.
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    Just how supressed does your immune system get?

    I took Humira when I didn't have a job and my daughter was sick as well. Needless to say, I didn't venture out into the "real world" much. I start Cimzia on Friday, work has said I can take Monday off if needed. I work in a public setting. Customers come in sneezing, coughing, etc on a...
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    After 8 years, I have found myself here

    I will try to keep this short-something I am not very good at. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2008, 2 years after having my first child. I have tried to block out that time period in my life(like if you can't remember, it didn't happen). My baby was sick, I was sick, and I was getting a...