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    Anyone tried Levsin?

    Hey all -- haven't been around -- I've been working my butt off doing medical transcription which sure teaches you a lot about EVERYTHING! Anyone tried Levsin? I am now at my 2 year anniversary of diagnosis and my GI doc told me, that since I am doing so well, that I should toss the Entocort...
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    An update on Cara

    Hey, for those of you who remember me . . . I haven't been around much because I have been dreadfully busy. My Crohn's is still stable -- still taking nothing but Mangosteen juice, Omega 3, probiotics, and some B Complex. A couple months short of 2 years since dx. And here's for irony -- I...
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    OK -- another positive thread. This time . . . RECIPES! Those awesome secret family recipes . . . Now this is NOT Crohn's SPECIFIC recipes so use your judgment before consuming anything below. However, those of us who are aging realize that there are some old family recipes that deserve to...
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    Positive Story Time . . . keep this going

    A couple new members mentioned the shock and sadness brought on by Crohn's diagnosis. A comment from Mike, reminded me that for our new ones, it's important to mention the love of life and the great things we Crohnies still get to experience and offer in life. Thus . . . I post this thread and...
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    An Interesting Observation (poll)

    When I first got on the forum, I mentioned mangosteen juice, and I was boo'd out of the water. Me and GNC guy were about lone voices for alternatives except for probiotics because those seem to be universally approved by GI docs and patients. In fact, there was a post that actually called me...
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    Acai / GeneFlora?

    Anyone tried Acai juice or GeneFlora probiotics? Just curious.
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    MAP articles needed

    Greetings all! I tutor a student whose mom is a lawyer. I was telling her about the milk-MAP-Crohn's connection -- remember me? the one who had to (still has to) fight the urge to drink milk like a smoker or alcoholic has to fight DAILY! -- and this lawyer mom is interested in hearing more...
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    Anyone spent any time at all on the stuff? I received it, much as a gift, from my G.P. for some possible female bacterial infection (not female bacteria . . . mind you, but you get the picture, if there were no male bacteria, the race would die out . . . Kidding once again, of course)...
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    Flyer for This Forum

    Hey Mike . . . Can you update the link for the flyer? We have so many new people who might like to take the flyer for this forum to their GI doc. Thanks.
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    Hello ALL!

    I haven't been around for awhile, but for those of you who remember me, HI AGAIN! I just passed my year anniversary with Crohn's. I celebrated by going to a Josh Groban concert (it's WELL worth going to . . .) I have been tutoring a couple days a week and it's good to work with the kids. And...
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    Vagus Nerve?

    In reading this month Reader's Digest, there was an article about a new treatment . . . there is a thing called a vagus nerve that runs from your brain to your belly and it regulates the immune response of the body and can also help regulate the heart rate. They are looking into new drugs to...
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    As you all know, I am the big advocate of mangosteen and I quite well on it. Well, my husband came down with the creepy crawlies this past week and I started taking "Emergen-C" to the tune of about 3 or 4 packets a day. I feel even better! And so far, I haven't got the crud, though if I can...
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    Update & alternative med.

    Greetings. We have so many new people, and I have been a lurker for a couple weeks due to a new job, so I thought I would tell my story. Let me 'splain . . . no, there's too much, let me sum up . . . Last April I had, oh, let's call it an obstruction, had no idea what Crohn's was, let alone...
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    Lounge Type -- Question

    Question -- I have been working a part time job. 3 hours a day but can be 5 hours a day tutoring students. They want you to sign up for a 2 year contract. However, if you sign up for a 4 year contract, you earn $1 an hour more but increases to be $1.50 an hour more by years 3 and 4. I...
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    A mile in your shoes . . .

    If you could choose one person to have experience Crohn's for 1 week, who would it be? Spouse, parent, child, boss, ex-spouse, Dr. Phil? You know, the "walk a mile in your shoes" kinda thing . . . or more appropriate for here, "spend a day in your r.room"! Me? Husband, definitely, husband!