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    Small Fiber Neuropathy

    Hello, I had a spinal tap a few years ago to check for MS as I have foot drop and pins and needles in my feet and lower legs and now in my fingers. It came back negative but I would now not have it as it can damage the spine and cause nerve damage if it goes wrong. There are numerous causes for...
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    Crohn’s diet

    Hello, writing from freezing London and waiting for my Iceland grocery delivery. I know it should be vegetable juices and lentils but this store is value for money. I have a scar from a fistula and I can feel it which is rather strange. A bit like a zip on a handbag. I choose yoghurts of all...
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    Aging with Crohn's

    Hello, I'm 57 years young and have no diagnosis although I have had operations related to bowel disease. I think that if I asked for a social worker, I would be 70 before one showed up. In this pandemic, social workers are swamped and prioritising urgent cases. People with chronic illness feel...
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    Haven’t been here in a while, gotten control of my disease with cannabis oil and testosterone injections

    Hello, I'm a wrinkly and female so we have very little in common. However, I understand what hormones "up the spout" can do to physical stamina and mood. It can feel like the end of the world when they are lacking. I would stop smoking anything at all and your appetite should improve as well as...
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    Will Stelara take care of bleeding?

    Hello, what you are going through sounds awful. Hopefully, you have a nutritionist and are on a specialised Crohn's diet excluding all foods that might cause inflammation. I find plain white rice, plain yoghurts and camomile tea with honey helpful. No fried, spicy or oily foods.
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    Skin Issues and Infections

    Hello, nice to meet you online. Fungal infections are really common, mostly due to excessive sweating and moisture on the skin causing bacteria to grow. Washing and drying thoroughly is really important and using talc to absorb sweat. Wearing cotton and not nylon also. If left untreated, you can...
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    Vegan on Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet / Tofu

    Hello, nice to meet you online as a vegan. You seem to have a lot of knowledge about a food exclusion diet for Crohn's. I don't eat meat anymore having watched documentaries about intensive farming. I think if you have slow transit of food in the bowel/gut, it can cause bacteria you don't need...
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    3 Questions For a Nutritionist (what are yours?)

    [QUOTE="CatLover63, post: 1034064, member: 445248 Hello, posting from the U.K. What I have found is that doctors don't like herbal supplements as they can be harmful to the kidneys and interfere with prescribed drugs. Apparently, there is a Chinese Herb Disease. Turmeric is big news as a wonder...
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    Your Surgery Story

    When I had my anal prolapse repaired and haemorroids banded I didn't get proper nursing care afterwards and peed the bed at night. My blood pressure became dangerously low and I kept fainting so I was kept in for over a week. I also developed pain and infection afterwards. A total nightmare.
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    Hello, when I was a size 10 and slim I had pain in my lower rib near my abdomen. Perhaps there wasn't enough fat to stop it digging into me. Always worth speaking to your doctor in case it is the result of an old injury.
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    Pain killers

    Hello, Some pain relief includes swimming in a warm pool, soaking in Epsom salt baths, applying heat, avoiding the cold, not walking for too long, having a pet like a cat to release endorphins, using essential oils for massage, not wearing tight clothing or shoes. 🌈
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    Pain killers

    Hello, Sorry to read you are in constant pain. I think that uncontrolled pain can affect not only the body but the mind. I like to be alert rather than groggy so have refused very strong painkillers over the years. I try to switch off from it as much as I can by concentrating on other things and...
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    COVID 19

    Hello, it sounds like typical cold/flu symptoms which are common in winter. I'm still waiting for my first vaccine but have had body chills and sweats for three weeks. Highly unpleasant. Paracetomol, hot drinks, keeping warm, plenty of food and rest. Probably not easy in the army.
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    Humira headaches?

    Hello, Headaches, migraines, light sensitivity, nausea, dizziness or vertigo have many causes so it's always best to keep a diary of symptoms. Do you have regular optical check ups ? Eye strain can cause a headache as can a food intolerance or just plain stress, fatigue or a virus. If it comes...
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    Perianal Crohn’s Disease

    If you eat veggies and fishies (not tuna which is full of mercury), olive oil and fruit, a Mediterranean diet, you'll feel better. :geek: