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    Water intake, should I be drinking more or less?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I would say that could be a great short term solution but I would rather fix the issue myself than take drugs to hide the problem :)
  2. chemri

    Water intake, should I be drinking more or less?

    Hi David it's mostly herbal tea apart from one cup of black tea that I have so I don't think it's a caffeine thing! Well I am glad to know someone else is in the same boat! Isn't it so conflicting?! My urine is always almost clear apart from after I've been out drinking of course.. That's...
  3. chemri

    Water intake, should I be drinking more or less?

    Hi there, I have Crohn's disease. I am a big water drinker, I drink around 2.5 Litres of water a day and 2-3 cups of herbal & black tea on workdays. 95% of my BM are watery, just flow straight out of me and I am never constipated or struggle. However, sometimes when I have a big weekend or...
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    Happy Healthy Kiwi

    Hey all! At the beginning of this year I started taking supplements. I saw a naturopath last year and she recommended a few. Then I went to Mexico and found them for a good price. Since then I have been trying a few different ones. I have started a blog about this and how it relates to my body...
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    What is it like being pregnant with Crohns?

    Hi, I am not close to having kids in life, but because my periods have become way more painful since getting crohns and messing with my bowel movements I am now curious. What is it like to be pregnant? I guess it changes person to person but do you think it makes the crohns worse or hurts...
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    I've started writing

    Hey Everyone, I've been on here for a few months as somewhere to turn and have really appreciated the support that has been offered to me. I was diagnosed in November 2015 and was supposed to have a bowel resection surgery in February but the insurance decided not to cover it so I've...
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    Azathioprine- my cold won't go away!

    Hi, I have had a cold for two weeks, coughing, mucus and runny nose. It just won't clear! I am exercising, taking Vit C, juicing, no sugar, eating healthy. I understand that the azathioprine makes your immune system shit but is there anything else I can do?? I'm over it!
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    Weight loss diet for Crohn's

    Hi, I am looking to lose weight, but all the fat burning diets online consist of high fibre foods which of course isn't ideal.. The way to burn fat as far as I'm aware is to eat foods that use more energy to digest.. But we're supposed to eat easy to digest foods.. So, are there any or what...
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    Question aimed at women

    Hi, Do any other women with Crohn's find they are more succeptable to thrush? I feel like I have it all the time even taking meds for it from the doctor.. Would it have something to do with the imbalance of good bacteria in the gut??
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    Nervous about surgery

    Hi everyone, I've just joined this site as I need to talk this through with someone and doctors are hard to see and I know no one else who can really talk this through with me. Whenever I look online at how it will be I see what I imagine to be worst case scenarios and it's making me nervous...