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  1. Cherry04

    Finished EEN diet and back on Azathioprine

    Wow! I haven't been on visited the forum for ages because of my EEN diet of Modulen IBD but now I'm feeling great! :ghug::hug: I've had a lot more energy and it's been wonderful to eat some food again. Although we are all different and something that makes someone feel can make others feel...
  2. Cherry04

    Symptoms started and 1 week in to treatment!

    Hi! I'm currently on a Liquid diet of Modulen and have just started Azathioprine. Up until August last year, I was suffering with constipation with returned this morning! :poo: To combat the problem I was given Movicol (a laxative) but stopped it recently. Along with painful constipation, I've...
  3. Cherry04

    How do you stop food cravings when on an EEN diet?

    Hi Guys! I was diagnosed with Crohn's just last month and have started an EEN/ liquid diet. I'm finding it really hard to suppress food cravings and it's only day 2!:sign0085: I'm taking Modulen and am already feeling much better - reasonably solid stools, not so pale and less fatigue. :dance...