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    So tired of fighting

    Hi everyone sorry that i have been quiet bit i have so much to deal with. Im still in a flare still on pred and still cant get anything done about it still on same meds and and to top everything im also now diabetic. Its just to much and it does not stop and im now tired of fighting i cant do...
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    Joint pain please help

    Hi everyone Any advice on joint pain I took some pain meds and I did put on some ointment but its not helping please help Thank in advance
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    This is interesting now im starting to wonder does it cure our disease or just manage symptoms and if you were able to leave your meds
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    Need some support

    Hi everyone I feel that im in need of some support and suggestions , I am going through some stuff and my dr cant help me just upped my pred again I have been on it for 6 months now? What am I supposed to do if no one are listening to me while I am suffering like this? Dr tells me I might be...
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    FODMAP Diet

    I would just like to find out if anyone done the FODMAP Diet and how did it work for you? They want to start me on that diet and i need to see dietician and i know nothing of this.
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    Weaknes in legs

    I have a question does anyone struggle with weaknes in their legs? I cant seem to climb stairs so well since i got cd my legs are like jelly and trembling when i do stairs?
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    Work and crohns

    My question is when you go for an interview for a job how to tell them you have crohns and you need to be at hosp twice a month? The problem is they do not seem to understand and the fact that this disease has a impact in my everyday life. The crohns , the gerd, the depression and so i could go...
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    Cant urinate

    Hi i have a little problem , for a while now i cant urinate i feel that i have to go but when im there nothing happens and i have to strain to get something out :boring:
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    Need to loose weight

    Hallo , i need some advice since i were diagnosed i picked up 25 kg most if it comes from the pred. I do not eat unhealthy and will be starting yoga again. My stomach does swells alot and looks as if pregnant. I just want to loose that 25kg and look the way i did i were 70 kg then, i dont know...
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    Crohns and loosing weight Support Group

    This group are for people like myself that want to loose weight that i picked up since my diagnoses. I am hoping that we can all share our expieriences, diets, exercises and be there for each other for support. :-)
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    Crohns medication , looking for some answers

    Hi everyone, i have found out that i have some fluid collection in my abdomen and that i also now have crohns in my cecum witch has now spread. My GI doc told me that we are stopping one of my meds for a while so im on imuran, lansoloc, pred and some other meds to. But my question is that what...
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    Emergency kit

    Good day everyone , so i thought that this could be helpfull for us to know what are neccesary in a emergency kit , wet wipes, clothes, cream etc. Please share yours :-)
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    Please i need urgent advice

    Good day to all. I have been struggling with bm for 4 days i cant get anything to pass, this morning i were woken with terrible pain and still no bm. My legs now feel like jelly. I dont know what to do , i did take a laxative the day before yesterday. Please any advice
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    Yoga for body and mind?

    Halo everyone. I started doing yoga and i find it very relaxing. I find that not a single though goes through my mind when im in the deep relaxing state? Are there anyone that does yoga? And what are your experiences with yoga? Also i need to loose weight what diets do you recommend?
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    What are the symptoms for arthritis? I get pain by knees so much that i have to sleep with legs on pillows and sometimes it's a sharp sting pain that feels if someone are stabbing me with a knife , and also behind my heels are sore if you press on it and sometimes in the morning it's sore to...