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    It's a mystery

    After hearing something from my doctor about setons it came back to me that about 5 years ago I had one for a fistular down below, I had it in for a few months and then one night I had some passionate time with my husband (if you know what I mean) and it disappeared, we never found it after...
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    Hi, I had an abscess for about 3 months (3 different g i docs told me it wasnt) anyway I was put to sleep just under two weeks ago to have it cut out, I have been going to the nurse every day since to have it packed, when I went today she said she thought it was coming back and perscribed me...
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    Great North Run

    Hi everyone I have just booked on the Great North Run in September for Crohns and Colitis UK, I have had Crohns disease for 21 years now and am currently on infliximab and 6mp, I have had many operations and had my ileostomy reversed a year ago. I havnt done any excercise really for a lot of...
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    At christmas I ate some peanuts and ended up in casualty with a blockage (which sorted its self out) I had an ileostomy at the time, I had this reversed in February. On Friday I decided to eat some more peanuts not thinking anything as my ileostomy has gone. I was in pure agony, I was being sick...
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    I want another baby!!

    Hi everyone I am a mum to 2 girls aged 14 and 11 next week, I was diagnosed when I was 17 and am now nearly 37. I had a resection in 99 and then I had a perfurated bowel in 2009 and had to have quite a lot of colon taken out, in 2010 I had an ileostomy and have just had it reversed in Feb, the...
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    Stopping infliximab after your 10th infusion

    Hi I had my 8th infusion about two weeks ago and was told if I am responding to the treatment (which I am) then after the 10th one that will be the end!! I have never felt as good and am quite scared to come off, is this the norm and if so how are people feeling after finishing their infusions...
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    Mark left from bag!

    Hi I had my ileostomy reversed on the 1st of Feb, however I still have a ring around my skin where the bag used to be, I have tried scrubbing it with soa but no joy, does anyone know how long this will take to go?? thanks
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    Ileostomy reversal

    Hi I am having a reversal in March and was wondering what to expect, I will have had it for just over 2 years, I am quite nervous but very excited too!!
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    Hi after my second infusion (I am now waiting for my third), I started to get spots, they are on my face, chest and back, has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do, thanks guys:uk_flag:
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    Swelling around stoma

    swelling around stoma Hi guys would just like to know if it is normal to have swelling around the top of the stoma where the bag sticks on, dont think have had it before but not sure!
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    infliximab Hi I am new to this forum, I have had Crohns since I was 17 and I am now 35, I have been on all sorts of different medicines since then and I have had about 20 feet of my intestines removed over the years, I have had an ileostomy for a year now and am getting it revearsed when my...