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  1. Colie

    Cramps question

    Thanks for all of the replies. I know that they have spotted a stricture in the past. I guess I was just questioning these cramps and if bentyl is the right thing to take for them. It always seems to randomly come on and doesn't always coincide with other symptoms. I will talk to my GI
  2. Colie

    Cramps question

    Ever since I was first diagnosed with Crohn's I have gotten these intense cramps. It comes out of nowhere and can quickly progress to pain so bad that I can't even walk. It is one continuous cramp and not something that comes and goes. I have experienced those kinds of cramps that you get when...
  3. Colie

    Peppermint vs ginger tea

    I drink a lot of peppermint and ginger tea. I know that ginger is good for nausea but is peppermint or ginger better for bloating /gas/cramps or are they about the same? Thanks!
  4. Colie

    Stelara and UTIs

    Was wondering if anyone has experienced frequent uti's while on stelara. I feel like I always have one ever since I started the medication. Looking back, I'm thinking that I may have had problems while on humira but not cimzia. The infections are super super painful and it would be nice to know...
  5. Colie

    Has anyone seen an integrative/natural doctor?

    I feel like all my gi doctors care about is pushing these horrible meds on me. They never want to talk about anything related to food/stress/emotion/herbs. I don't feel well taken care of. Yes, I have had success with humira, cimzia, and prednisone but the side effects and what it does to your...
  6. Colie

    Does anyone take fiber?

    I was at a visit with my primary care doctor today and she told me to take a fiber supplement. I asked her if it causes cramping and she said no, which is against what I would think. Was wondering if anyone takes fiber and how it does for you. I've heard that it can help with diarrhea and...
  7. Colie

    A cause for celebration

    That moment you finally have a successful bowel movement after being painfully constipated and you are literally looking to the heavens and thanking god :cheers:
  8. Colie

    How long does it take Stelara to work?

    I got my first infusion of stelara a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who have taken it, how long did it take to see improvements, if any? I saw on the website that it could be anywhere between 3-6 weeks.
  9. Colie

    Anxiety and prednisone withdrawal

    Hi there. I have been on prednisone for about 8 months and was on a pretty low dose for the last few months (15 -5 mg). The first week being off of it I had an anxiety attack, which I never have, and got very depressed. It's been about a month now and the depression is gone now but I have been...
  10. Colie

    Do you take anything for fatigue?

    I've just gone off prednisone after being on it for awhile and am so tired. I've been sleeping a lot at night and can barely work 4 hours a day. Was just wondering if anyone takes any supplements that help with the fatigue that comes with IBD. Thanks
  11. Colie

    Crohn's and menstrual cycle

    I've heard that it is common for women with crohn's to get diarrhea while on their period but I seem to go the other way and be constipated. Recently I've been flared and have had diarrhea so I've just kind of been regular during my period. Was just wondering if anyone else experiences this. Thanks!