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    Stomach Involvement

    Have you been found to have inflammation in your stomach? Bonus details: What did they find in the biopsies?
  2. Colt

    Not digesting fat properly

    I'm due for a big show down in a couple hours with my GIs. Basically, I'm not digesting fat properly for one reason or another and it's causing me malabsorption which is resulting in fat soluble vitamin deficiencies. It's causing me horrible joint pain and so on that's getting disabling. I'm...
  3. Colt

    Getting really frustrated

    Things are pretty screwed up at this point. I don't know what to think anymore. IBS frankly doesn't fit better than anything else. None of the tests seem to come back like they're supposed to. I'm as white as it gets without being albino, I can sun bathe all day, take a multi-vitamin, drink 5...
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    Negative scope after positive

    By negative I also mean no scar tissue and negative biopsies.
  5. Colt

    Negative scope after positive

    Oops Sorry, ment to only post the thread with the poll.
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    Faecal Calprotectin

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faecal_Calprotectin I had one done. I had never heard of it before. My results were <16 ug/g. 50 or less is Normal 51-120 is Borderline 121 or greater is 'suggestive of inflammatory bowel disease' I'm starting to doubt it myself now. Maybe I just have the craziest...
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    Fastest you've lost weight

    I'm rather baffled right now. I lost 10 pounds in 8 days. At 3,500 calories per pound that should have taken me twice as long eating absolutely nothing. Has anyone else run into this kind of miracle, losing more than 4 pounds in a week?
  8. Colt

    Weight loss

    For those of you who have trouble keeping weight on, how much of it is inability to eat normally, and how much is malabsorption?
  9. Colt

    FDA panel votes to withdraw Darvon

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28934783/ Repost because I think there's some strange problem with the other one that's not letting people post.
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    Just feel like giving an update

    So now that I'm off my prednisone, been completely blown off my a rheumatologist who wouldn't do any proper testing and mostly ignored the tests he did order I'm not doing so great. I've got rather nasty joint pain, my ankles (don't ask me why he picked my ankles of all places to x-ray, you...
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    Yet another deaf doctor

    I've really just had it lately. For those of you who have kept up on my story you'll be happy to know I finally made it to a rheumatologist. He refused to acknowledge that I had any symptoms pre-prednisone. Every time I told him about how sick I was he continued as if I had never said a word...
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    FDA panel votes to withdraw Darvon painkiller

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    Does anyone else notice bile with their BMs? Burns like hell and it seems to leak a bit without a BM too kind of like the mucus does. In fact it's a lot like the mucus except that it burns and has a different smell to it. I tend to have insufficient bile when I'm flaring as well, my stools being...
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    Pill Cam vs. Colonoscopy

    To pick out the important part: Patients who had been confirmed to have ulcers in the past were given both a pill cam and a colonoscopy. 25% of the colonoscopy group were found to have ulcers. 62% of the pill cam group were found to have ulcers...
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    Negative colonoscopies

    Sorry for being fixated, but I'm a little messed up right now. Has anyone else here come back with a 'clean' (Edit, completely healthy) colonoscopy after having a solid diagnosis before? I know it can happen if the bad parts were all removed by surgery, but I'm not really looking at that...