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    Quitting Remicade for SCD and LDN

    Hi All I cant seem to find much advise around quitting Remicade,, I have had my first flare in winter 2013 which was severe !! I have crohn's with Fistula I was put straight on to steroids etc which calmed things down and within a couple of weeks was put on Remicade infusion every 8wks,, My...
  2. Corpcleg

    Finally Some Light!!

    Hi All Dont often post but do read alot it has been a great help, have had a rough 8mths -long hospital stays and restricted mobility in no particular order: Massive Flare . Fistula-Complex. 3 Surgeries for Seton in Fistula, One Botched Surgery resulting in Fissure with muscle spasms(never...
  3. Corpcleg

    Merry Xmas you have crohns :)

    Seems to be a few of us who were being naughty instead of nice this year !! I am sure I asked for Helicopter when I wrote my letter to Santa :) I certainly never mentioned anything about Crohns 39 years old as of last Oct had no bowel probs ever, went to the gym regular was eating healthy high...
  4. Corpcleg

    New Diet or No ??

    Hi All First post dont know if this can be answered straight off but, I have just been dx with perianal crohns!! had a nightmarish flare didnt know what the $**K was going on but after 8 weeks of hell got a dx, I have had 2 remicade infusions,butt surgery and seton fitted here is my question...