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    Doc says my husband has Crohn's?

    I struggle with this so much. I got put on humira 6 years ago and I have been nervous it was the correct decision ever since. I get so scared of medications. Supposedly it is keeping my disease at bay. I never had anything severe either so when I was diagnosed I had and have a lot of denial I...
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    Sufferers of Multiple Illnesses & IBD Support Group

    I'm so happy to read your post and feel less alone. I think my first symptom before I was diagnosed with Crohn's (and probably had it all along) was heart palpitations and my heart rate gets really high just barely moving around and it scares me everytime. Add hypochrondria to the list. :p I've...
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    Does anyone else deal with severe denial

    I was dx with Crohns about 6 years ago and I don't know if its something the doctor said that stayed with me. After my test results she stated initially I had acute symptoms and perhaps it wasn't crohns, and then she came back and said actually.... So that lack of her being sure feels like it...
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    remission over? Odd symptomology for Crohn's

    Hi there. I was a member on here for a very long time. I was DX with Crohn's about 6 years ago now and have been on Humira for 5. In the beginning there was some confusion as to whether I actually had Crohn's, GI second guessed herself and wondered if my issue was more acute than chronic, but...