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    Stelara increased muscle & joint pain

    Thank you again for your help. I spoke to my GI last night and he’s sending me to a rheumatologist soon. I’m hoping methotrexate also helps my issues. Thanks again
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    Stelara increased muscle & joint pain

    Hi, did the methotrexate help your sons joint, tendons and muscle symptoms?
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    Stelara increased muscle & joint pain

    Thank you for that feedback. I’ll speak to my Gastroenterologist and get him to send me to a rheumatologist for another opinion
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    Stelara increased muscle & joint pain

    Hi Scipio thanks for your reply. Unfortunately maybe it’s just unique to me. Thanks all the same
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    Stelara increased muscle & joint pain

    Hi all, just a quick question, I was on Stelara every two months then moved to monthly Stelara shots for the last two years. Since moving to monthly I’ve slowly developed joint and muscle pains that I’ve never had before. The pain is in my lower back, feet and a little in my hands. MRI’s show...
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    Question for post surgery recovery

    Hi, Writing to all of you who have had previous resections. I have just had my 3rd bowel operation around 4 weeks ago. I had 6 strictureplasties and a resection in the operation which took 5 hours in total to perform- all in small bowel. I really couldn’t eat anything but soups for the...
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    Number of Surgeries and type?

    Hi all In 2005 I had my first bowel resection removing 20cm large bowel, 20cm small bowel. In 2012 I had my second bowel resection in which the surgeon removed 10cm small bowel and 3 strictureplasties Now I sit in hospital I have just had my 3rd bowel resection Surgery accompanied with 7...
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    Adhesion vs Inflammation partial obstruction

    Hi Guys I'm so sorry to bother you but I thought maybe you could help me with a question. This is for any of you that have had past bowel surgery resections have you ever had partial Bowel blockages from the adhesions caused by the surgeries and not Crohn's inflammation? If so has it taken up...
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    Very off situation I'm facing

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time. Ive been feeling ok for around a year until a few months ago. I've been to see my GI. I've had partial bowel blockage symptoms for the past three months. I start off the day ok but by 12-1pm I start to bloat get very loud tummy rumbles and then am...
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    Joint pain after loading dose

    Hi All I'm writing in the hope someone can answer my question. I have just been put back on Humira after stopping it two years ago. I just had my first loading dose 6 days ago and 2 days after the loading dose a started to get joint pain in my knees, elbows and hands. Has any one experienced...
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    Vedolizumab question please :)

    Hi all Yesterday I saw my GI and the results show that I still active Crohns despite being on the 6mp/ allopurinol combo for 4 months. My GI is recommending I start on a trial of Vedolizumab. Just wondering if anyone has been on this drug and if this drug has helped bring remission? I've read...
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    Nausea and Loss of Appetite duration- Purinethol

    Hi all, I started 25mg Purinethol and 100mg Allopurinol combination around 4 weeks ago. A week after starting the combination I started to feel very nauseous and had loss of appitite that I'm still experiencing. I'm due to up the purinethol to 50mg soon and am dreading it. For those of you that...
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    LDN and CBD combining safe???

    Hi all, Five weeks after starting the trial drug ( GSK1605786) I just got a call telling me the trial has been cancelled and to stop taking the medicine. So I'm starting LDN this week. Just wondering if any one has found a problem combining LDN & CBD hemp tinctures? I want to start LDN but...
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    SCD and sleep issues

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone that is on scd has experienced sleep quality issues due to the diet? I've been on the diet for awhile and have definitely noticed my sleep is much more broken through the night.
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    LDN & CCX282 available in melbourne, Australia

    Hi all, I was recently sent to the Gastroenterology department at Alfred Hospital, Melbourne Australia, by my Gastro to get a second opinion on my stubborn Crohns before I start LDN. Well to my surprise the Dr there told me that they have patients on LDN and they also have an option for Ibd...