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  1. crohns4ever

    Does probiotic help with your crohn's

    I have a question for everyone with Crohns, do you take a probiotic? Do you have good results after taking, what brand do you take. Im thinking about taking probiotic but with so many brands out on the market I don't know which one is good or not..
  2. crohns4ever

    Treatment for crohns never heard of

    Has anyone heard of or taking immune modulator IV therapy with remicade for crohns. I am starting it in the morning just wanted to know what to expect. Did it work well for you with crohns.
  3. crohns4ever

    Bowel to bladder fistula

    Has anyone on this with crohns have gotten a bowel to bladder fistula before? If so did you have surgery to fix it or did antibiotics heal it. Tell me I have one kinda won't to know what to expect the out come.
  4. crohns4ever

    Gluten free diet for crohns

    Has anyone tried the gluten free diet to see if it would help with simptoms of crohns? My gi gave me some info on it and he thinks I should give it a try. Cause a bunch of doctors from Harvard university did this big study on it and seems they might be a link between crohns and gluten.
  5. crohns4ever

    Has anyone had adema from malnutrition?

    Has anyone had or heard of getting adema in legs from being malnourished after going through a really bad crohns flair? If so how long did it take to build up blood levels for it to go down.:mad:
  6. crohns4ever

    What do you take when you have bad dirreha

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong form but I need to ask what do others with crohns take when you have bad case of dirreha. I have tried over the counter stuff but nothing is working for me. So what is good and what isn't.
  7. crohns4ever

    Very Hard Time Right Now

    It seems like a long time since I need to vent but had my colonscopy two weeks ago my Gi said my small bowel was good but found a stricture in my large and did the bollon dilation. He said I should be good just to stay away from seeds, fruits. But I have lost a lot of weight down to...
  8. crohns4ever

    Anyone dealing with thin stools

    I hope i put this in the right place but has anyone have thin stools? What was the out come are you still dealing with it? Do you have any gi pain.
  9. crohns4ever

    How to work and keep a job with a anal fistula?

    I just got a job today start saturday has anyone had to work on your feet all day with a anal fistula? How do you keep the pain down so you can perform your task? Any advice would be great. And oh my anal fistula get some what tender and leaks a little blood but the more I stand it really sweals...
  10. crohns4ever

    Does boost really work for crohns?

    I thought I would ask anyone if they drink any of the boost products that is on the market. What kind was it? and did they put on or help to maintain weight after some weight loss after a flair? And did they cause any problems like did they make a flair worse or help. I am going through a bad...
  11. crohns4ever

    Low hemoglobin levels

    Has anyone ever had very low hemoglobin levels but does not no why? I have had a blood infusion a month ago and went for my remicade treatment and hemo levels were back low again but not low enough for a blood infusion.:( No blood in my stools just very little blood coming from my fistula. Has...
  12. crohns4ever

    Fistula Side effects

    This question is for anyone that has had or going through a anal fistula, does an anal fistula cause you to have trouble to urinate? I have had an anal fistula for about 7 mounths now. But now when I have to go and take a leak its like diffcult and very crazy. Has anyone had this type of trouble...
  13. crohns4ever

    Bowel to bladder fistula

    I really need help with a stupid question I have had crohns for 13 years but now I have got a bowel to bladder fistula. My question is when my GI gave some antibotics it went away, with in a week after taking all of them I started having air come out after I pee. did it try to heal and then came...