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    No Free Med Program Help!

    I had 2 scopes thanks to Medicaid (but they took it away after a month because they said I'm not "disabled" enough) sadly. Have no other money coming in (hacked into wifi). I had another colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy and my gastro doc said NOTHING has changed since last year!!!!! He had me...
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    Do you go ahead of the line to crap NOW??

    I always wondered what would I do in these situations and what do you do? 1) When your in a long line in the bathroom and you have to go anyway do you just run ahead of everyone? I will if I have to!!!! Haven't yet though. 2) What do you do when your driving and a few miles are houses ONLY...
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    They were sure it's crohns, now they're not?

    I have the kind of gastro doc that is NEVER in his office. The last few times I was there I only talked to his nurse practicioner because he's the only one who'd see me during my appointments. Last year I was diagnosed with crohns and they said they were SURE I had crohns! Now I had the FIRST...
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    Wow I'm looking over my full folders of medical paperwork, Job and Family service paperwork, goodwill help paperwork, Social Security Denials folder, and everything and I'm just in shock :( I just turned 24 and in just a year and 4 months I've been through 34 ER visits, statcare visits, doc...
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    Anyone else get this? I feel I have had it for 6 days and it's getting worse. It would be the first time for me, I usually just get pink eye no matter how clean I am because of my low immune system having Crohns Disease for the first time ever for 13 months :( I'm getting my first career/job in...
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    More eye problems?

    This time it obviously isn't pink eye like the 2-3 other times! My eye has been red and itchy and burning, mostly only red at night but still. I do have allergies for the first time though, but my left eye is just bugging me to where it bothers me to wear contacts now. I'm only taking Lialda and...
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    What's this called? I have it alot.....my anus constricts really tight even when I'm not on the toilet and it HURTS! My crohns is not down that far either. I don't have blood or anything either in my stool.
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    Random shakes?

    past few days I've been a little shaky at certain points and I don't know why. I eat enough that's for sure (even though I'm still skinny). I did start taking Levsin but even before that I think I got the shakes once in awhile. Docs at free clinic and other docs all said my blood levels etc are...
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    Are we allowed to give Plasma?

    The plasma center up here gives $50 2X a week if you give plasma! That's $400 a month and it would really help my living situation since I still am having trouble trying to work at all!
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    Disability Placard

    I feel I really need one of these! I'm still unable to work because of my crohns! I've had it for 13 months now. Do I have to be ON disability to get this? Because they've denied me. This Crohns is recognized as a disability right? I truly can't park far away from places because I always...
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    This is probably very random but anyone else have sharp pain under arch of foot? Also does anyone get pain below left rib much at all? I've been getting pain in those places a lot lately. I do have edema in my right leg below my knee but the foot that hurts is on the other "healthy" leg lol.
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    VERY Nasty Question :/

    Is this true? This guy I know said his mother had some sort of trouble colon wise throughout her life but he didn't know her diagnosis it seems. Anyway he said if you get more than 2 or 3 colonoscopies your intestines FALL OUT? It scared me half to death, I already had one last year when I was...
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    How do I stop getting embarrassed?

    I've been dealing with Crohns for around 13 months. I'm at the point where I let people know what I have, and I'm like I didn't choose it so it's not my fault. Anyway....how do I stop being embarrassed in public or around people when I keep using the restroom? or when my intestines make...
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    Medicaid!!!! :)

    Now that I have medicaid, which one in Ohio covers prescription coverage of Lialda? I see that on the list Buckeye covers Pentasa and everything EXCEPT Lialda which is odd. Caresource doesn't have a list and their site seems to cater to people having children which I don't have kids and have no...
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    Why cant my body go into FULL remission?

    I've still been on Lialda for almost 6 months and now I go less and some of my urgency is gone thank God! but I noticed even on days where I have "d" only 3 times......I tend to go more WHENEVER I get out of the house or know that I'm going to later or if I know people are coming over etc. I...