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    Fistula Plug Update

    I had the fistula plug put in about 10 weeks ago, and I am feeling better than ever. No more fistuals, no more drainage, no more pain!!! They had wanted to do the plug for a while, but I needed to wait until I was in complete remission. Once I was finally better (no symptoms and good...
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    Fistula Plug Questions and Update

    I've posted before about the trouble I've had with abscesses and fistulas. Constant struggle with setons and drains, and medications not working. Recently had an MRI and colonoscopy because bowel symptoms have been fine but new fistula showed up, and the really good news is my Crohns is in...
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    When Remicade, Humira and Cimzia ALL don't work for Fistulas

    Hi all - It's been a while since I posted, which I suppose is good because I have been feeling ok up until very recently. I have struggled with peri-annal fistuals since I was diagnosed with Crohns three years ago. I was on remicade and it worked on closing them, until it stopped working. The...
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    Metastatic Crohns Disease???

    I was just diagnosed today with Metastatic Crohns disease of the skin. Apparently this is exceedingly rare, and there are only a few known current cases of this similar to mine. Anyone heard of it or have it? finding information online is sparse. It's similar to pyoderma gangernosum, but...
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    Cellulitis Help

    It seems that I developed a nasty bout of cellulitis on my leg. I saw my Rhumy on Friday and she perscribed some antiboitics (Bactrim) and said I should see quick improvement, and if I didnt to call my Gastro on Monday. Well the leg is no better, maybe a little worse, and the gastro nurse tells...
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    Reoccurring Abscesses

    I have battled with abscesses and fistulas for several years. I currently have a seton in, which has been in place for about 9 months. Since then two abscesses have grown next to the seton. I had them drained and did the antibiotic thing. Now it seems I have two more abscesses – one near the...
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    Swollen and Painful Ankle

    Wondering if anyone else out there has had swelling and bad pain in their ankles associated with Crohns? I had erythema nodosum in my ankles before, but my symptoms now seem to be a little different. I dont have the red noduals, but my ankle is red all over and my foot and ankle are swollen...
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    Very Scary Reaction to Remicade

    I was on Remicade several years ago and it worked great for me, until it stopped. I tried Humira, which didn't work great for me so after about a year and a half break my GI thought we should try Remi again. The first infusion was fine. They pre-medicated me with benadryl and steriods. After a...
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    Hives and Joint Swelling

    I just started back on Remicade a week ago. I was on it two years ago, but it stopped working. After Humira didn't work for me, they decided to give Remicade another shot. Yesterday I started getting large itchy welts/hives in random places (hands, elbow, leg). Then I woke up this morning and...
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    Bleeding with regular BMs

    Other than my never end cycle of fistulas and abscesses, I have been feeling good lately. But within the last week or two I have had rectal bleeding with my BMs. I should mention that my BMs are fairly regular (1-3 times a day) and not diarrhea. It looks like blood is in the #2 and also coming...
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    When Remicade and Humira both dont work

    I was on Remicade for a year and a half and it was my miricle drug, until it stopped working. I battle contstant fistulas and abscesses. After the Remicade we switched to Humira. That was about 6 months ago. Fistulas are not closing up, and am still not feeling better. I feel like the Humira is...
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    Fistula Plug

    I had a seton placed about 4 months ago and it is not closing up my fistula. My surgeon today recommended placing a fistula plug in. She said that it is not guaranteed to work but we should try it. Anyone have this? Did it work/not work? What was recovery like? Can I go back to work the next day...
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    Crohns and Fibromyalgia

    Just curious if anyone has both. I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia today after excluding and ruling out everything else. I am starting cymbalta. I have been struggling with pain all over and beside myself because I didn’t know what was going on. I am at least happy to know that this can be...
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    Muscle Pain with Humira

    I am on a roll today - second Humira post in the last couple of hours. I have always had a lot of joint pain with my Crohn's but lately I have noticed that I have muscle pain in my legs. I have only been on Humira for 6 weeks (3 doses). It NEVER occured to me that the pain in my legs, which...
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    Humira when sick with a cold?

    I am being really paranoid, I know, but I have a terrible cold/sinus infection and I am scheduled to inject tonight. I am sure it's fine to do while sick, but I just need someone to reassure me that it is in fack ok. Is it ok or should I check with my doctor? As always, thanks! Beth