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    Stelara, predisolone and pregnancy

    Hi again. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and so far pregnancy wise everything is going well. I was able to come off the steroids for the first time in almost a year about 2 weeks ago, but then my cal protectin started to climb again a bit and pains returned. I ended up back on 5mg of prednisolone for...
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    Stelara, predisolone and pregnancy

    Hi everyone I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and I only started stelara in February. I’m due to have my second injection on Monday but of course I’m worried about harming the baby or having a miscarriage. I’m also on 17.5mg of prednisone which had put me in remission. Any thoughts on the safety...
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    Colonoscopy dilemma

    Hi everyone. I’ve been in a flare from August, on 35mg of prednisone and mostly liquid diet but am still getting a fair bit of pain. I started Stelara on the 7th of a January and haven’t seen any results as such yet. My GI consultant wanted a MRI of my small bowel and urgent colonoscopy to...
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    Infliximab...how long should it take to work?

    Hello everyone. I’m sure this is a common question, but I’ve just had my third loading dose yesterday and my IBD nurse/pharmacist/consultant have recommended I give things another week or so to see if there’s a response, otherwise they want me to try stelara. I’ve been in a flare since...
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    Off work sick with flare

    Hello everyone I was allocated a new boss in work who decided I wasn’t really ill and decided to criticise my work frequently. I ended up going home in tears one day because of how she spoke to me and the pressure she was putting me under. 2 weeks later the worst flare started for me and I...