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    Diagnosed after 40?? Anyone???

    I was diagnosed at the age of 54 with Crohns after 6 weeks of the runs and right side lower quadrant pain. I lost a stone in weight I had blood tests that showed inflammation some where in my body. I was sent to see a consultant gastro who did a calprotectin test and my inflamatary markers were...
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    Do I have Crohn's?

    I have not been on any meds for about two years because I can not tolerate them. I have no diarrhea but do have constipation the stomach pain still exists but is not too bad. I still have colonoscopy every two years and recently had a capsule endoscopy to look at my small bowel, the one...
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    Ileitis questions

    Hi nanky Welcome to the forum I think when you go to the follow up you need to ask for a calprotectin test you do a poo sample they test this to see if you have raised inflametary markers if this is the case you may be sent for a colonoscopy you don't have bleeding with Crohns only with...
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    Starting azathioprine -- when do side effects or signs of intolerance typically show up?

    Hi jdtm I was on azathioprine a couple of years ago unfortunately it did not agree with me and I ended up in hospital with pancretitus . I was on it about a month before i started with severe upper gastric pain plus continual vomiting. I have not tolerated any of the usual meds Mesalmine...
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    Anyone wondering about chest pain and heart burn etc.. read this !

    Hi I have been diagnosed with an Hiatus Hernia after a severe bout of heart burn, then I was told I had Barretts Eosphagus I have to be monitered every two years I am also taking Omeprezole.
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    Hi HalGee Welcome to the forum I think first of all don't look at the internet it can really start to scare you. I would make an appointment at your GP to test for COPD which will involve a Spirometery Test which you have to blow in a machine it measures your lung function it will show if it is...
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    I won my SSDI !!

    Well done it does pay to keep going and not let them buggers get you down.
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    Feels like labour pain.

    Hi MissChrons I have just read your post spooky isn't it I went for my capsule Endoscopy on the 25th July took the bowel prep and fasted for the next eighteen hours got to the hospital and was told that there had been a mix up and they had booked someone else in there is only one machine so I...
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    Diagnosed at age 50 & over Support Group

    Welcome jnette. It was an eye opener to me when I found out there is so many of us over 50 when diagnosed I was diagnosed at 54 & on the 8th August I will be 60. We all have a rollercoaster ride with this disease. I do think a sense of humour is a must.
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    Marriage and Crohns

    Hi Kancer I understand your anxiety this is only my opinion but I think you should let your future partner know as Crohns does not go away you may go into remission for a while but you may get a flare or need more treatment for the fistulas. I know a lot of people are embarrassed about this...
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    short term constipation relief?

    I feel for you as I suffer with constipation but don't like the Laxido my Dr prescribed it comes in sachets you dissolve in water it has an orange taste. I think as we are all different we find our own solution but it can be a pain (parden the pun).
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    Capsule Endoscopy

    Hi All the IBD nurse cancelled my 4th July appointment. The new date is 25th July.
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    Hello there

    Hi Mv93 I was diagnosed with Crohns six years ago like you I tried Azathioprine like you ended up in hospital with pancreatitis then I tried Methotrexate it effected my liver so stopped that. I suffer more with constipation now so I try to eat food to keep me regular. I don't take anything at...
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    Is bleeding normal?

    I feel for you I did not realise the care in Ireland was so bad you must be exhausted with the bleeding to be messed about like you have been is a disgrace. I truly hope you can sort it out or see if you can transfer your case to a health care in England. Sending hugs your way.🙏
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    Where Can I Find The Basics

    Hi Buffalo Gal welcome to the forum you will find that everyone has different symptoms with Crohns like you say having haemorrhoid banding first does seem a little backwards I suppose that could be because of your symptoms at the time. I believe it is quite painful and i feel for you, I hope the...