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    Antiobiotics and IBD -need suggestions on handling side effects

    Check into Florastor - my GI says I should take this along with ANY antibiotics that I have to take. It is a probiotic but one that is not destroyed by antibiotics.
  2. Daddy119

    Is diet enough or do I need steroids?

    Hi, Diagnosed with Crohns/Colitis 3 years ago and have had good days and bad days. Currently taking Salofalk throughout those 3 years. Just over a week ago had some pains across abdomen and thought nothing of it, but it is still there - mostly on the mid/lower left abdomen. Had some mucus in...
  3. Daddy119

    Bowel Prep - ACK!

    Hi, I know this has probably been asked countless times on this site but here it goes anyway. So I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow and in process of "prepping" my bowel....more like "pi*#ing off" my bowel. I took 2 Dulcolax last night. I am still having watery BM this afternoon (every...
  4. Daddy119

    Viruses and Bacterial Infections

    Does everyone else find that they get viral and bacterial bowel infections worse? I guess it only makes sense but it is sooooo frustrating! 6 months ago we had one go through my wife and kids (vomiting and big D). They were fine in 3-4 days and I was a mess for weeks. Just had another 3...
  5. Daddy119

    Finally Posting Story...

    Well, after reading through posts for months, finally decided to post my story.:emot-monocle: Had digestive problems as far back as I can remember (as a kid) but chalked it up to anxiety and nerves (always having the urge to go to the bathroom, always needing a bathroom nearby, upset bowels -...