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    Maintenance Meds

    Two different doctor's have given us two different opinions on maintenance medications. Meg has had surgery, is in remission and has been told by one Doc to carry on taking azathrioprine for 5 years and the other Doc said it may be that she can stop taking it altogether as she has no active...
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    Travel Insurance

    I was wondering about holiday insurance. Although Meg is in remission now after her surgery last month, Crohn's is a pre-existing medical condition. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to who offers the best cover in the UK?
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    Worried? Moi? YES! - Megan's Resection (merged)

    Our daughter is due to have a right hemicolectomy. She is in her 10th week of a liquid diet (Ensure plus) she tried to eat for a day chicken and rice and had the worst pain and started to vomit and went as white as a sheet. She was advised to go straight back onto her milkshakes because of a...
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    Is there a link???

    I have been reading, "the Medical News" with interest. There seem to be so many theories as to links with Crohn's and I know the consensus is that there is no known cause. However I have just been reading an article, "Genetic Link Between Crohn's and Asthma Discovered." (have read a similar...
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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Thanks Dusty, just read it out loud to Meg. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Meg's Story

    I would like to say hello! to everyone - our daughter was rushed into hospital after complaining of tummy ache at Easter. They discovered that her appendix was inflamed and removed it. She had been diagnosed with anemia a couple of weeks before and her "tummy ache" was put down to period pains...