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    Had to stop Humira, possible Heart Issue anyone else? What can I expect from abrupt stop?

    I just had my yearly physical, my EKG had suspicious activity, It was not clearly explained to me by my primary care physician, so I am not 100% clear on what he saw. He didn't look too concerned, he just saw something that wasn't present on my previous EKG from last year. He wanted to follow...
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    Hidradenitis Suppurativa - Groin, Armpit, Buttocks Boils

    Hello Everyone. Diagnosed with Crohn's for 2 years. I was recently diagnosed today with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Dermatologist said that it is associated with Crohn's and that my recent diagnosis 2 years ago makes sense to him. It manifests as severe "Acne" or painful boils in the groin...
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    Can I Make SCD yogurt from store bought?

    Hello, this question is put out there for any experienced SCDers, to help me with this. Since he was off from work today, I asked my DH to pick up a gallon of milk and 2 containers of plain Chobani yogurt so I could start some SCD yogurt tonight when I got home from my night course at college...
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    44 and newly diagnosed with Crohn's

    Hello...... newly diagnosed on July 30th, not even a full week has passed by. Still processing all this. Reading a lot in a short period of time. Not too sure how I am feeling about having a disease that has no cure, with remission or a reduction in symptoms as the only hope. Not comfortable...