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    COVID 19

    Hi EmilyRose I'm replying to you from my couch in Athens ,Greece , we have about 200 known cases here . I'm also on aza 200mg/day and I can't lie worried about the pandemic. The Greek government has taken early and strict measures to prevent the outbreak. The Greek ministry of health strongly...
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    Diarrhea triggered by smells

    That's so funny I get this too and I thought that it was just a coincidence 😀 I sometimes even get it when I smell some food I dislike
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    Is there any possibility for Crohn's to slow down ?

    I remember when I was just diagnosed the doctor trying to confront me by saying that after the age of 35 my symptoms will get softer as the immune system matures and the disease could become more gentle. I have even read in general that pregnancy changes permanently the immune system. Myths or...
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    Where are you from and what's your occupation ?

    Hey everyone I start first, I'm from Athens, Greece. I am studying economics and about to take up Mua classes in February. Currently a housewife. What about you ?
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    Has anyone used them as a diary supplement ? Have you seen any difference by using it in the long-term ? I was looking into buying a certain one which contains : Bifidobacterium bifidum 25 billion* Lactobacillus casei 2 billion* Lactobacillus acidophilus 10 billion * Lactobacillus...
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    I love to sleep 😊

    I always remembered myself since I was kid to be a sleeping person. I mean, I could literally say that even when I decide to take a short nap , i end up to hibernate for 3-4 hours 😀 On weekends, I sleep between 10-12 hours What about you ?
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    Crohn's related food intolerances

    Hey everyone My period starts in 5 days and my sweet tooth is causing me troubles I couldn't resist to some Donuts 🍩 and a few moments later all of a sudden I faced an accident 🤭💩 I checked the ingredients and it contained lots of glucose syrup - which if I had noticed before attacking to the...
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    If both parents to be got two different autoimmune diseases is there an higher danger to pass it to their child ? Is there any scientific way to predict this ?
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    Latent tuberculosis while on aza

    Prior to azathioprine exposure my Mantoux test was negative. Today , two years after I am positive tested. Has anyone experienced same situation and how has dealt with it ? It's so overwhelming :(
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    Calprotectin testing at home. Has anyone tried it ?
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    Just woke up with apthus ulcers in my mouths

    Currently on azathioprine 200 mg but colonoscopy showed 6 ulcers in the colon. Yesterday I felt my knee aching Waiting for my g.i. appointment on monday. Ι am ready for going on anti tnf, don't know about the doctor's opinion though Any tips ?
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    After 200 mg of aza daily , what's next ?

    After my right hemicolectomy I was put on aza for maintenance of remission. It's been 19 months since and the last colonoscopy showed 5 ulcers on the anastomosis side and one bigger on top of the anastomosis (rutgerts score Ia2) Is it possible to elevate more the dose ?
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    Swedish Bitters

    I am referring specifically to Maria trebens schweden bitter. I got a good recommendation from a lady who's battled successfully large bowel cancer. I don't know though if it is suitable for autoimmune disorders like Crohn's. The lady at the organic shop informed me that it helps with 40...
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    Do you eat apricots ?

    What are your favorite fruits ? You enjoy them raw, peeled or cooked Any suggestions ?
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    Ladies' issues 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Does your period interact with your ibd ?