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    Yet another test!

    yet another test! So my GI's office called today. So I guess there is some "swelling" or "fluid retention" noted on my SBFT and the barium went too quick through with some areas retaining the barium. So I get to go for a gastroscope! Woo hoo. :eek2: He wants to take a bx of the small bowel...
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    I hate being bloated!

    Argh....so bloated that I look pregnant! Hate hate hate this! :( Anyone else get like this?
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    Venting - so frustrated

    So I am so frustrated with being in limbo! Last week I had D 6 to 8 times a day for a week with joint pain, difficulty eating and a loss of 5lbs. Thought this is a flare of IBD or IBS (dx with that 8 years ago). Anyways, call GI to try and see him but they wont let me as he has not dictated...
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    CCFC Edmonton

    I posted some information I learnt at the CCFC Edmonton Education symposium under the general IBD discussion and then I noticed this forum - so :oops: Please read! :)
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    CCFC IBD Symposium - Please read

    Part 1 (diet) I went to the IBD and you Education Symposium today in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I thought I would share some of the information with you all. This is Part 1. :) Please remember that this is not my thoughts or opinions, just my notes. Registered Dietitian and IBD - discussion on...
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    Is this a possible flare?

    Hi everyone, Well I'm not sure if I do have CD as I have been diagnosed with "most likely" CD. Currently untreated. Since Saturday I have had painful sore joints (knees, hips) so much that I can't walk up the stairs without difficulty. This is not something I normally have. Since Monday I...
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    Should I call dr?

    Had my SBFT on Monday at 9 in the morning. The whole test maybe lasted an hour and the barium was already at my sigmoid colon. So it went fast. Anyways, It's now Saturday and my poops are still white/pale brown and I can still feel two separate hard areas on my abd. One in the RLQ and the...
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    I guess I belong here! :)

    I'm going to tell you a bit about myself. 30 yrs old. Dx with IBS 10 yrs ago. Ignored all bowel symptoms and chalked them up to being IBS. Then December 2010 - pain (like 8 to 10), cramping, and basically filling up the toilet with soft stool and little bit blood (sorry if TMI). Got into...
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    Small bowel follow through

    small bowel follow through So I had my SBFT on Monday and I can still feel the barium in two spots when I push down on my stomach. I feel gross. But I called my doctor's office to see if they got the results yet. They have them but my GI hasn't dictated on them yet so I can't book an...
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    Finally have a date with some barium! I get to go for my SBFT next week monday. I am so happy since I have been so bloated and "feeling constipated" for a long while. I actually had my hubby say today that I looked pregnant. Stupid gas! I am a little concerned that I may have narrowing due...
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    granuloma Has anyone else had a granuloma found in their biopsy? GI took a bx of an inflammed area of my TI and found a granuloma. My reasearch tells me that a granuloma indicates crohn's. Now, my doc is relucant to dx with this as he says "most likely" CD. I am sitting at home...
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    Apparently I am confusing!

    So here's a little update on me: - Colonscopy in April 2011 - found inflammation. Biopsy done - granuloma in terminal ileum. - Pill Cam (VCE) July - found nothing else. My symptoms are: pain in right side goes from being lower quad to middle at my waist. Pain at left upper quad that comes and...
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    Advice/support from those that have been through it

    Hi everyone, Well I was diagnosed with "most likely" crohn's in May 2011 after a colonoscopy found a granuloma in my terminal ileum. My doctor want to do a VCE (pill camera) to see if it was elsewhere in my small bowel. Waited until mid July to get the VCE and got the results mid August - no...
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    How long do you normally wait to get in for a PillCam? I am in Alberta (Canada) and just want to know if anyone from Edmonton Alberta has gone for a PillCam and how long they had to wait. THX
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    How do you know....

    How do you know if you have a perianal abscess or hemorroids? Sorry if TMI, but I just need to know if I should be calling my doctor or not. I have a lot of pain and redness and swelling just above my rectum. It hurts to walk, sit, etc. No real relief. I tried hemorroid cream and it didn't...